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A workflow is comprised of a collection of states, actions that case a transition from one state to another, and the rules that determine which actions are available to be used based on the current state and the current user.


The available states in the workflow are shown in the graph above as the nodes. They are:

new: This is the starting state of all tickets entered into the system. It usually means that the ticket has not yet been reviewed by anyone, although there are a few ways that a ticket can transition back to the new state after they've been in other states.

confirmed: The confirmed state means that a ticket has been reviewed by a member of the project, although it has probably not been assigned to anyone yet. If the reviewer decides that there is not enough information in the ticket to be able to do anything about it, then it may not be put in the confirmed state at all, but in the infoneeded_new state instead.

infoneeded_new: This state is set when more information about the ticket is needed from the person who reported the ticket.

accepted: The accepted state means that a member of the team has assigned himself as owner of the ticket and agrees to be responsible for it. He may or may not be actively working on the ticket, but he is aware of it and will get to it eventually.

infoneeded: This state is much like the info needed state above, but this one is used only from the accepted state, and transitions back to the accepted state when the info has been provided.

closed: When no more work is expected to be done to a ticket, either because it has been completed or because it can not or should not be done for some reason, then the developer will put it into the closed state. The resolution will be set to indicate why it was closed.

portneeded: Sometimes a bug or a patch may be applicable to more than one branch in the source tree, usually the current development trunk and the currently supported stable branch. If the work is not going to be done for both branches at the same time then the ticket will be put into the portneeded state and the resolution will be set to indicate where the work needs to be implemented next.

reopened: Sometimes work will be completed on a ticket and it will be closed, but for some reason it needs to be opened again. For example the bug may pop up again due to some other change, or there may have been a misunderstanding between the reporter and the owner.


The actions that can be performed on a ticket are shown in the diagram above as the colored arrows and labels. As you can see not every action is available to every state. The direction of the arrow indicates what the new state will be when the action is taken. Some actions, like accept, are allowed only for users who are actual developers on the project. Others are available for anybody who has logged in to Trac.

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