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    1515== Development branch and 3.2 ==
    17 New development happens on 3.1 branch. The latest version is 3.1.4, released on July 22, 2020 and we plan to release one last 3.1.5 release in 3.1.x series in the beginning of 2021 with 3.2.0 hopefully following soon after.
     17New development happens on 3.1 branch. The latest version is 3.1.5, released on April 14, 2021 and we plan to release one last 3.1.6 release in 3.1.x series in a couple of months with 3.2.0 hopefully following around September 2021.
    1919One of the big planned changes for this 3.2 is better support for high DPI displays, but there are, of course, many, many other fixes and improvements in it as well.
    21213.2 will also finally drop support for very old legacy systems (such as Win9x platform) and compilers (MSVC6, maybe MSVC7 as well).
     23The remaining things that we'd really like to do before 3.2 are:
     25 * Make sure public API of `wxBitmap`, `wxImageList` etc for scaled bitmaps is fully specified, implemented and documented.
     26 * Replace `wxLocale` with a class changing the UI locale only as changing C locale is broken on macOS, unimplemented in iOS and is not the best thing to do under the other platforms anyhow.
    2328If possible, we'd also like to have the following relatively important features for 3.2:
    2429 * Better keyboard input model, notably with full support for IME.
    25  * Much improved wxQt port.
     30 * ~~Much improved wxQt port.~~
    2631 * ~~wxAUI refactoring/rewrite with full support for dockable notebook pages.~~
    2732 * Finish and merge `wxMaskedEdit` implementation. This will require providing support for filtering native controls input on all platforms which would be useful in its own right.