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    99Please notice that all dates given in the roadmap are ''very'' tentative. Due to the nature of open source projects there is no warranty that developers have enough time to make things happen as planned. Being a purely voluntary effort, wxWidgets development doesn't always advance as quickly as we'd like it too -- but your contributions are welcome to speed it up!
    11 == Next development release: 2.9.3 ==
     11== Next development release: 2.9.4 ==
    13 The next planned release is 2.9.3 and it should happen on 2011-12-5. It will be the first release to integrate the new wxWebView class created by Steven Lamerton during GSoC 2011.
     13The next planned release is 2.9.4 and it should happen relatively soon, perhaps as early as February 2012. The main goals for this release is the refactoring of XRC code (see #10996) that would allow to avoid dependencies of xrc library on all the other ones and hence make it possible to add XRC handlers for controls from libraries other than just adv and core. We will also try to refactor AUI/MDI classes but this will not prevent the release from happening if we don't succeed in doing it.
     15Ideally 2.9.4 would also integrate all work done during GSoC 2011 (i.e. wxGTK3 and wxiOS).
    1517== Further plans ==
    17 At least 2.9.4 will be done before 3.0 and we might possibly have 2.9.5. The goal is to integrate all work done during GSoC 2011 (i.e. wxGTK3 and wxiOS) in 2.9.4 and use 2.9.5 for any corrections.
    19 Ideally some important patches which big ABI implications would be also applied in 2.9.4 to test them before 3.0.
     19We might have 2.9.5 or release 3.0 directly after 2.9.4 depending on the number of new bugs found in 2.9.3 and 2.9.4 and whether we achieve the goals for 2.9.4 listed above or not. In particular, we definitely need GTK+ 3 support in 3.0 and several important wxOSX bugs ought to be fixed.
    2121Finally we also need to address the regressions in event processing (notably in doc-view) and owner drawn menu items drawing in wxMSW in it.
    4848 * ~~Reimplement wxToolTip for wxGTK using [ new GtkTooltip]~~: done in 2.9.2. Now we should be able to provide support for icons in the tooltips and tooltips associated with a window area
    50 We hope to make 3.0 in the spring of 2012.
     50We hope to make 3.0 in the summer of 2012.
    5252== Planned for 3.2 and later ==