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     1= wxWidgets Roadmap =
     3== Understanding wxWidgets development process ==
     5First of all, it is useful to know that wxWidgets has stable release branch and a development branch. The stable branch preserves both API and ABI (binary) compatibility between all releases in the same series while the development branches may (and, while, rarely, sometimes do) break API and don't attempt to preserve the ABI at all.
     7Because of compatibility constraints, the releases in the stable branch generally only add bug fixes and while sometimes new features are also back ported from the trunk (development branch) to them, there are no particular plans for adding new features to stable. So this page describes only the features planned for the next development releases and the next stable release which be done after them.
     9Please notice that all dates given in the roadmap are ''very'' tentative. Due to the nature of open source projects there is no warranty that developers have enough time to make things happen as planned. Being a purely voluntary effort, wxWidgets development doesn't always advance as quickly as we'd like it too -- but your contrbiutions are welcome to speed it up!
     11== Next development release: 2.9.0 ==
     13The next planned release is 2.9.0 and is planned to happen a.s.a.p., hopefully in February 2009. The main thing to do before it is to update the distribution preparation scripts from 2.8. Testing -- especially under the less widely used platforms -- is also very welcome.
     15== Next stable release: 3.0 ==
     17=== Main Release Goals ===
     19Normally the release won't be done before all of the items below are done:
     20 * Transparent Unicode support in the main and now only build instead of separate Unicode/ANSI build modes (done, may still need some adjustments and documentation improvements)
     21 * Unification of debug/release builds as well (remains to be discussed and implemented but shouldn't be difficult to do)
     22 * Cocoa-based wxOSX port running in 64 bit mode (work in progress by Stefan but this is the most time-consuming item so help would be especially welcome)
     24=== Secondary Goals ===
     26We would also very much like to have the following in time for 3.0 but failing to implement these items shouldn't prevent the release from being done:
     27 * Support for buttons with bitmaps (new API still needs to be discussed and implemented)
     28 * Persistent controls, i.e. controls which save their state to wxConfig and restore it from it automatically (API almost decided, remains to be implemented)
     30=== Nice To Have ===
     32It would be nice to have a lot of other things for this release but we don't have currently any possibility to work on the following. Please let us know if you can help with any of these:
     33 * Support for context-sensitive translations in wxLocale
     34 * Implementation of "frozen" columns and rows in wxGrid
     37We hope to make 3.0 before the end of 2009.