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    1212When reporting a bug, it's usually obvious to the submitter (you) what the problem is. Unfortunately it's quite often less obvious to us (the developers) and the chances of a bug being fixed decrease dramatically if we can't even understand what it is. So please follow this general template when reporting the bugs, with the possible exception of really trivial and self-explanatory ones:
    14  1. Describe what you do, ideally provide a patch to a sample doing it
     14 1. Describe what you do, ideally providing a way for us to reproduce it
    1515 2. Describe what you expect to happen
    1616 3. Describe what happens
    1818Variations are possible, of course, but please follow the above steps if in doubt. Also see the descriptions of the individual fields below for more details.
     20=== Reproducing the Problem ===
     22Except for the most trivial bugs, this is the most important part: to be able to do anything about the problem, we must be able to reproduce it so please provide us with a way to do it. By far the preferred option is to find one of wxWidgets samples (see `samples` subdirectory of your wxWidgets installation) doing something similar to your own program and see if the problem appears in it too. For example, if you have a problem with `wxTreeCtrl`, you should look at the `treectrl` sample, with `wxGrid` -- the `grid` one, and so on. `widgets` sample shows most of the standard widgets, so is a good choice for any problems related to them.
     24If the sample doesn't show the problem, please try to '''minimally''' modify its code to make the problem manifest itself or, if you haven't been able to find a sample close to your code, start from the `minimal` sample and try to reproduce the problem in it -- again, with the '''smallest possible''' amount of code. If you can't make the problem appear in the sample, chances are that the bug is actually not in wxWidgets itself, but in your own program. If you can, great, you have found a good way to reproduce the bug and you now just need to make a patch with your changes and attach it to the ticket.
     26Making the patch is trivial if you use git: then you just need to run
     28git diff origin/master.. > repro-for-my-bug.patch
     31If you don't use git, please use the standalone `diff` program with the `-u` option to create a unified diff. The most general form of the diff command you need to use is
     33diff -uNr wxWidgets-orig wxWidgets-mine > repro-for-my-bug.patch
     36but you can omit `-N` and `-r` parts if you have modified a single file only. However please still run diff from the top level directory and ''not'' from the sample subdirectory to make applying it easier.
     38Once again, please notice that providing a way to reproduce the bug is a vital first step in fixing it. It doesn't guarantee that the bug will be fixed, but if we're not able to reproduce the bug, it does almost guarantees that we will not fix it neither. Thanks in advance for your help!
    2039=== Fatal Bugs ===