How to Submit a Ticket


Before creating a new ticket, you must login. Make sure that the e-mail address in your preferences is correct.

Please search if the bug or proposed enhancement is already submitted (use search for global search or queries to list tickets with the classname in title or keyword) before reporting it. If you are not sure that you encountered the same bug, please open a new ticket and add mutual links to both tickets (#1234 is automatically linked).

If you want to express interest in a bug that is already submitted, CC yourself or add more details. Or even better, try to fix it.

When reporting a bug, it's usually obvious to the submitter (you) what the problem is. Unfortunately it's quite often less obvious to us (the developers) and the chances of a bug being fixed decrease dramatically if we can't even understand what it is. So please follow this general template when reporting the bugs, with the possible exception of really trivial and self-explanatory ones:

  1. Describe what you do, ideally providing a way for us to reproduce it
  2. Describe what you expect to happen
  3. Describe what happens

Variations are possible, of course, but please follow the above steps if in doubt. Also see the descriptions of the individual fields below for more details.

Reproducing the Problem

Except for the most trivial bugs, this is the most important part: to be able to do anything about the problem, we must be able to reproduce it so please provide us with a way to do it. By far the preferred option is to find one of wxWidgets samples (see samples subdirectory of your wxWidgets installation) doing something similar to your own program and see if the problem appears in it too. For example, if you have a problem with wxTreeCtrl, you should look at the treectrl sample, with wxGrid -- the grid one, and so on. widgets sample shows most of the standard widgets, so is a good choice for any problems related to them.

If the sample doesn't show the problem, please try to minimally modify its code to make the problem manifest itself or, if you haven't been able to find a sample close to your code, start from the minimal sample and try to reproduce the problem in it -- again, with the smallest possible amount of code. If you can't make the problem appear in the sample, chances are that the bug is actually not in wxWidgets itself, but in your own program. If you can, great, you have found a good way to reproduce the bug and you now just need to make a patch with your changes and attach it to the ticket (please don't include the patches inline unless it's a literally one line change).

Making the patch is trivial if you use git: then you just need to run

git diff origin/master.. > repro-for-my-bug.patch

If you don't use git, please use the standalone diff program with the -u option to create a unified diff. The most general form of the diff command you need to use is

diff -uNr wxWidgets-orig wxWidgets-mine > repro-for-my-bug.patch

but you can omit -N and -r parts if you have modified a single file only. However please still run diff from the top level directory and not from the sample subdirectory to make applying it easier.

To summarize, here are the salient points once again:

  1. You should make a single patch with all changes and make from the top of wxWidgets tree.
  2. This patch should be in unified diff format.
  3. Please attach the patch to the ticket you create.

Once again, please notice that providing a way to reproduce the bug is a vital first step in fixing it. It doesn't guarantee that the bug will be fixed, but if we're not able to reproduce the bug, it does almost guarantees that we will not fix it neither. Thanks in advance for your help!

Fatal Bugs

In a special case of reporting a fatal bug/crash please run the program under the debugger and include the stack trace at the moment of the crash in your report.

Under Unix it is as simple as running gdb your-program-name (under OS X, use gdb your-app/Contents/MacOS/your-app), typing r in gdb and then typing bt when the crash happens. You may do it even with non-debug build of wxWidgets as this should still give us at least the names of the functions but ideally you should rebuild wxWidgets with debug information as this would give the line numbers and parameter values as well.

Under Windows you should use a debug build and run the program under Microsoft Visual Studio debugger if you're using MSVC compiler or under WinDBG otherwise.


Like in other issue trackers you should select a meaningful title. You may assume that the summary will be viewed together with type and component, so you don't need to write [wxMac] if the component is set to wxMac.


Component is the most important drop-down field.

If the ticket is related to wxHtml*, wxAui*, wxRichText*, wxStyledText*, wxGrid or OpenGL, use these names as a component, but remember to write what wxPort and OS are you using.

If you see a bug in the control that has generic implementation on your platform, select GUI-generic. wxTreeCtrl has generic implementation on all platforms but MSW. wxFileCtrl has native implementation only on GTK. When in doubt, look it up in a header file. Notice that wxUniv is not the same thing as "generic" and rather refers to wxUniversal port so unless you know that you do use it, this is probably not the right choice.

If the bug is in the base sub-library (see files.bkl to find out which files belong there), select base.

If the ticket is relevant to more than one port (and it's neither base nor generic), select GUI-all.

wxPython is for Python-specific issues and for C++ classes that are in wxPython but not in wxWidgets.

build is for ticket related to bakefiles,, wx-config, etc.

You can probably guess when to use other options.


Use full C++ names of relevant classes as keywords (e.g. wxFileDialog, not file dialog nor FileDialog).

If your platform is not very popular, add it also as a keyword (e.g. Solaris, IRIX, Win9x).

Other suggested keywords are:

  • printing,
  • dnd (for drag'n'drop problems),
  • transparency (for alpha-channel problems),
  • thread (for concurrency problems, if wxThread is not given),
  • regression.


You may choose to use lower priority for the bug but in general please do not set high and especially not blocker or critical priority, even if the bug is very important to you personally. We will increment the priority ourselves if the bug is deemed to be more serious than normal from wxWidgets point of view.

Version and Milestone

Please set the version field but do not set the milestone, this field is meant to be used by developers and setting it doesn't help with fixing the bug sooner.


In the current Trac configuration, reporter is always notified about ticket changes, so there is no need to add yourself to the cc list. Use this field when you are interested in a ticket opened by someone else.


Explain how to reproduce the problem. Check if you can see it in the samples. If not, try to make a minimal modification to one of the samples to demonstrate it and attach this modification as a patch (unified format with extension .diff or .patch is preferred). If the patch only demonstrates the bug, don't check the patch checkbox. Alternatively, you can also attach a minimal complete application in a single .cpp file.

If you use wxPython, write a sample app in Python. Make sure the code is complete (with imports and instantiation of wx.PySimpleApp()) and minimal.

Minimal means that every line of the code is necessary.

Write what platform you are using. If you tested also other platforms or older versions, let us know.


Attaching a patch that fixes the bug or implements the enhancement you propose will give a higher priority to your ticket. Please read HowToSubmitPatches for the details.

Things To Do To Dissuade Us From Fixing a Bug

Following the guidelines in this page helps a lot with fixing the bug but unfortunately it doesn't always ensure that it is fixed (unless you also submit a patch), unfortunately. However there are several things which you can do which might not ensure that the bug is not fixed, strictly speaking, but which come pretty close. Here are some examples:

  • Not providing enough details about the problem.
  • Opening multiple identical (or very similar) bug reports about the same problem, usually still without providing enough details.
  • Incrementing the bug priority or moving its target milestone, typically even though it was already reset by a developer before.
  • Putting strongly-worded requests to fix your bug as soon as possible (usually in capital letters) in the summary or description.
  • Trying to generate interest in your problem by insulting wxWidgets developers when the above fails.

Doing anything of the above is just a waste of time so please don't engage in it.

Final Note

wxWidgets is a community project and we need your help. At the very least, if you see that the bug you reported in the past was fixed, but the ticket is still open, we will appreciate if you close it. You can easily list all open bugs you reported.

And, of course, we really welcome other help with the existing bugs: for example, verifying that the bugs can still be reproduced, commenting on potential workarounds and so on.

Thanks in advance!

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