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     1= How to Submit a Ticket =
     3=== historical note ===
     4In old SourceForge tracker we had ''Bugs'', ''Patches'' and ''Feature Requests''.
     5Now we have ''tickets''. If you have ever used wx SF tracker, please read [wiki:WikiStart] to learn how to use the same username.
     7=== introduction ===
     8Before creating a new ticket, you must login.
     9Obviously, you should search if the bug is already submitted. If you are not sure that you encountered the same bug, open a new ticket and add a link to similar problem (`#1234` is automatically linked) in description. If you want to express interest in a bug that is already submitted, CC yourself or add more details. Or even better, try to fix it.
     11=== summary ===
     12Like in [ other] issue trackers you should select a meaningful title. You may assume that the `summary` will be viewed together with `type` and `component`, so you don't need to write `[wxMac]` if the component is set to `wxMac`.
     14=== component ===
     15`Component` is the most important drop-down field.
     17If the ticket is related to `wxHtml*`, `wxAui*`, `wxRichText*` or `wxStyledText*` or `OpenGL`, use these names as a component, but remember to write what wxPort and OS are you using.
     19If you see a bug in the control that has generic implementation on your platform, select `GUI-generic`. `wxGrid` has generic implementation on all platforms. `wxFileCtrl` has native implementation only on GTK. When in doubt, look it up in a header file.
     21If the bug is in `base` sub-library (see [/browser/wxWidgets/trunk/build/bakefiles/files.bkl files.bkl] to find out which files belong there), select `base`.
     23If the ticket is relevant to more than one port (and it's not `base` nor `generic`), select GUI-common.
     25You can probably guess when to use other options.
     27=== keywords ===
     28Use full C++ names of relevant classes as keywords (e.g. `wxFileDialog`, not `file dialog` or `FileDialog`).
     30If your platform is not very popular, add it also as a keyword (e.g. Solaris, IRIX, Win9x).
     32Other suggested keywords are: `printing`, `dnd` (for drag'n'drop problems), `transparency` (for alpha-channel problems).
     34=== version ===
     35you should set `version`, but `milestone` can be left to developers
     37=== description ===
     39Explain how to reproduce the problem. Check if you can see it in the samples. If not, modify one of the samples to demonstrate it and attach a patch.
     41=== final note ===
     42At last, when you see that the bug you reported in the past was fixed, but the ticket is still open, we will appreciate if you close it.
     43And at any time, feel free to verify other bugs in the tracker.