22:10 Changeset [59288] by KO
Add demos directory.
20:58 Changeset [59287] by CJP
Fix python auto-indenter from incorrectly adding extra space when cursor …
20:44 Ticket #10537 (Badly calculated tooltip widths in MSW (w/known cause)) created by nitram.cero
I'm using the last stable version 2.8.9. Look at /src/msw/tooltip.cpp, …
13:14 Changeset [59286] by FM
ProcessPendingEvents() is now in wxApp
12:49 Changeset [59285] by VZ
don't generate non-MSVC makefiles for MSVC-only samples
12:45 Changeset [59284] by FM
move pending event processing back to wxApp (these methods were moved into …
12:43 Changeset [59283] by VZ
wxOSX build fix for wxRichTextCtrl after wxTextEntry::GetValue() renaming …
12:41 Changeset [59282] by FM
remove references to datetime_constants; they're not needed anymore
12:11 Changeset [59281] by KO
Land the rest of the changes made by a rebake after r59067.
12:09 Changeset [59280] by FM
revert r59246; the window parameter was there by purpose (i.e. for …
12:00 Changeset [59279] by KO
Ensure the archives extract to a root directory bearing the release's …
11:28 Changeset [59278] by VZ
another wxOSX build fix after wxTextEntry::GetValue() renaming to …
11:17 Changeset [59277] by VZ
wxOSX build fix after wxTextEntry::GetValue() renaming to DoGetValue()
11:09 Ticket #10536 (TopLevelWindow's position worng when using TaskBarIcon) closed by robind
invalid: The top-level window associated with a TaskBarIcon is a platform specific …
10:30 Changeset [59276] by KO
Rebake after OS X Cocoa header changes.
10:23 Changeset [59275] by KO
Commit changes caused by setting configure.in's svn:eol-style to LF. …
10:08 Changeset [59274] by KO
Update files.bkl to look in the proper place for moved header files.
08:23 Changeset [59273] by VZ
build fix: define DoGetValue() and GetEditableWindow()
08:22 Changeset [59272] by VZ
compilation fix after GetEditableWindow() signature change
08:03 Changeset [59271] by CJP
Fix incorrect detection of when to auto-unindent in python files.
06:54 Changeset [59270] by VZ
fix warning about possibly uninitialized variable in release build
06:49 Changeset [59269] by VZ
remove SetValue() which is not needed and which definition was removed by …
06:13 Ticket #10536 (TopLevelWindow's position worng when using TaskBarIcon) created by grossetti
Hello, If you create a TaskBarIcon and try to get it's coordinates by …
06:03 Changeset [59268] by VZ
make GetEditableWindow() protected as it's used by wxGTK wxTextEntry
05:58 Changeset [59267] by VZ
wxUniv compilation fixes after wxTextEntry::DoGetValue() change
05:45 Changeset [59266] by VZ
fix overloaded virtual warning
05:31 Changeset [59265] by VZ
added wxTextEntry::DoGetValue() to allow returning empty string if the …
04:40 Changeset [59264] by VZ
set correct properties
04:25 Changeset [59263] by VZ
added wxTextEntry::SetHint() (a.k.a. cue banner or placeholder string)
04:10 Changeset [59262] by VZ
add ugly macros to abstract the difference between Bind() and Connect() -- …
03:51 Changeset [59261] by VZ
update to Dutch translations from Gideon van Melle
02:43 Ticket #10534 (wxWidgets 2.8.10 build warning) closed by VS
fixed: (In [59260]) fixed compiler warning about struct/class mismatch (fixes …
02:43 Changeset [59260] by VS
fixed compiler warning about struct/class mismatch (fixes #10534)
01:49 Ticket #10535 (SearchCtrl on Cocoa: alignment and buttons) created by elentirmo
wxWidgets configured with ./configure --with-osx_cocoa: the SearchCtrl in …
01:23 Ticket #10534 (wxWidgets 2.8.10 build warning) created by troelsk
C:\svn\wx28\src\html\winpars.cpp(149) : warning C4099: …


23:48 Ticket #10533 (wxSplitterWindow GetBestSize not correct when window is NOT splitted) created by svkra
Hello wxWidgetsTeam, wxSplitterWindow does always add SashSize to MinSize …
23:38 Ticket #10532 (Unable to dock Vertical Toolbars when Frame Maximized) created by ninjanl
This can be seen in the wxAui sample. Simply run the sample, undock the …
21:31 Changeset [59259] by CJP
Fix typo
20:53 Changeset [59258] by CJP
Remove some unused code
17:42 Changeset [59257] by CJP
Cleanup and lint
16:52 Changeset [59256] by CJP
Reorganize all of eclib into a single importable module.
13:01 Changeset [59255] by FM
document that wxDialog::ShowModal() creates its own event loop
13:00 Changeset [59254] by FM
document internal wxDateTime enums the way they're meant to be documented …
12:35 Changeset [59253] by FM
do not duplicate large blocks of docs; use @overload instead; provide link …
12:24 Changeset [59252] by KO
Switch to a name + postfix naming scheme so that the postfix doesn't end …
10:51 Changeset [59251] by KO
Use a different name for OS X Cocoa framework, and fix an accidental tab …
10:12 Changeset [59250] by CJP
Fix warnings from re-initializing plugins once they have already been …
09:21 Changeset [59249] by FM
fix rendering of wxGrid on wxMSW when a dialog is over the grid. To test …
09:18 Changeset [59248] by CJP
fix off by one error in delete lines command.
09:06 Ticket #10531 (wxVsnprintf() unit tests failures) created by frm
After wxString changes in wx2.9 some units tests regarding our own …
08:53 Changeset [59247] by FM
use wxRenderer::GetCheckBoxSize() instead of doing wrong calculations in …
08:46 Changeset [59246] by FM
deprecated GetCheckBoxSize(wxWindow *) in favour of GetCheckBoxSize() …
08:30 Ticket #10263 (wxHtmlContainerCell::GetMaxTotalWidth returns zero sometimes) reopened by frm
Don't set status as closed until the patch has been applied otherwise this …
08:09 Changeset [59245] by FM
move wxGridCellRenderer::Draw before other derived classes implementations …
08:07 Ticket #10263 (wxHtmlContainerCell::GetMaxTotalWidth returns zero sometimes) closed by basos
fixed: Indeed there was a problem. I found it and solved it. Now GetMaxTotalWidth …
07:53 Changeset [59244] by FM
force use of generic about dialog as to test unfocused-repainting of …
07:47 Changeset [59243] by FM
name the enum with wxDir flags to make it easier to find it from the docs.
07:23 Changeset [59242] by FM
give better usage description (needs a more readable way to output …
07:03 Changeset [59241] by CE
avoid error of menu with zero ID
07:02 Changeset [59240] by FM
remove old and outdated tech notes
06:31 Changeset [59239] by FM
better document the possible arguments accepted by wxLaunchDefaultBrowser; …
06:30 Ticket #10530 (EVT_CONTEXT_MENU generated twice if event skipped) created by net147
EVT_CONTEXT_MENU seems to be generated a second time if the …
05:15 Changeset [59238] by CE
fix as per thread from …
04:27 Changeset [59237] by VZ
recognize schemes other than http and ftp in wxLaunchDefaultBrowser()
04:23 Changeset [59236] by VZ
document wxTextEntry
03:59 Changeset [59235] by VZ
added const_cast<> to silence gcc warnings (see #10520)
03:57 Ticket #9570 (wxTreeCtrl bugs (SVN version from beginning of june)) closed by vadz
duplicate: Thanks for confirming it and closing this one then.


22:05 Changeset [59234] by RD
SWIG, SWIG and more SWIG
22:01 Changeset [59233] by RD
Still no Create*Bitmap on GTK?
21:27 Ticket #10529 (wxAuiToolBar tooltips don't fade in and out) created by net147
The first time you move mouse over a wxAuiToolBar item, the tooltip with …
18:39 Changeset [59232] by CJP
Add shortcut for LineDelete
18:00 Changeset [59231] by RD
Mention a few of the recent changes
17:58 Changeset [59230] by RD
various dataview updates
17:57 Changeset [59229] by RD
Add ChangeValue
17:56 Changeset [59228] by RD
Add Compsiting, Antialias and Layer methods to match wxGraphicsControl …
17:53 Changeset [59227] by RD
Add wxGridSizesInfo
17:52 Changeset [59226] by RD
Add GetComboCtrl()
17:51 Changeset [59225] by RD
AuiTabArt updates from 2.8 branch
17:48 Changeset [59224] by RD
Add LoadFile
17:48 Changeset [59223] by RD
Add BeginLayer/EndLayer
17:47 Changeset [59222] by RD
GetAltForEncoding can't be used for a property.
17:46 Changeset [59221] by RD
wx.EvtLoop updates
17:41 Changeset [59220] by RD
Name the wxNavigationKeyEventFlags enum
17:39 Changeset [59219] by RD
deprecate wx.Effects
17:38 Changeset [59218] by RD
metafile fixes
17:36 Changeset [59217] by RD
Add OnEventLoopEnter and OnEventLoopExit
17:32 Changeset [59216] by RD
distrib updates from 2.8
17:31 Changeset [59215] by RD
Missing bitmaps
17:30 Changeset [59214] by RD
Be more explicit in the gridSizer ctor
16:52 Changeset [59213] by CJP
Fix label alignment issue on gtk.
16:35 Changeset [59212] by CJP
Fix some appearance issues on gtk.
14:23 Changeset [59211] by CJP
Add workaround for wxImageList breaking bitmap transparency on msw.
12:30 Changeset [59210] by CJP
Use SegmentBook for preferences dialog.
12:25 Changeset [59209] by CJP
Fix calculation error in getting best size of segmentbar.
11:34 Changeset [59208] by VZ
don't use mbstowcs(NULL) with Cygwin (closes #10526)
10:43 Changeset [59207] by CJP
New plugin manager dialog part 1
10:42 Changeset [59206] by CJP
Implement SetSelection
10:42 Changeset [59205] by CJP
Destroy panelbox items when they are removed from the list.
10:40 Changeset [59204] by CJP
Fix layout issue when the control only has a bottom control bar.
09:30 Changeset [59203] by RR
Never show tree lines when there are tree buttons under OS X and GTK+
09:22 Changeset [59202] by RR
Use gdk_window_invalidate instead of gtk_widget_queue_draw as the latter …
09:08 Changeset [59201] by BP
wxPosition doesn't need renamed, it's supposed to be generic like wxSize …
08:36 Changeset [59200] by CJP
Fix it so initial window position cannot be set to (0,0) as this can cause …
07:54 Changeset [59199] by VZ
compilation fixes for ANSI mode build (closes #10518)
07:49 Changeset [59198] by VZ
reset the tooltip text before changing it, this apparently prevents a …
07:44 Ticket #10525 (2.8 wxImage::Create doesn't set m_staticAlpha) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [59197]) mark alpha as being static if data is static too (closes …
07:44 Changeset [59197] by VZ
mark alpha as being static if data is static too (closes #10525) [backport …
07:41 Ticket #10526 (Cygwin issue with mbstowcs(NULL, ... (with pseudo-patches)) closed by vadz
fixed: Replying to RevRagnarok: > There is a problem with Cygwin's …
07:01 Ticket #2307 (wxTreeCtrl + wxTR_MULTIPLE flag: SEL_CHANGED only fires on item focus ...) closed by vadz
duplicate: I think this one doesn't add anything compared to #9570 and #626 so …
01:44 Ticket #10528 (AUInotebook -srange on OSX_cocoa wx2.9) created by jensverwiebe
Hi Still on porting Luxrender to 64bitGUI I have some strange problems …


18:10 Ticket #10527 (isosurf sample rendering problem) created by yatescr
The isosurf sample compiles, links, and loads ok, but when the application …
16:29 Changeset [59196] by CJP
Propagate mousewheel events to the panel box container so the window can …
16:19 Changeset [59195] by KO
Cast needed to fix compilation on 10.4 --This line, and those below, will …
14:16 Changeset [59194] by KO
Committing draft version so I can test on other machines.
12:25 Changeset [59193] by VZ
add missing WXDLLIMPEXP_CORE (which surprisingly is only needed in debug …
10:21 Ticket #10526 (Cygwin issue with mbstowcs(NULL, ... (with pseudo-patches)) created by RevRagnarok
There is a problem with Cygwin's implementation of mbstowcs() when the …
10:11 Changeset [59192] by VZ
Turkish translation updated [backport of r59191 from trunk]
10:09 Changeset [59191] by VZ
Turkish translation update from Hakkı Doğusan
09:15 Changeset [59190] by JS
Compile fix under wxGTK
06:49 Changeset [59189] by FM
add references to OnEventLoopEnter/Exit callbacks
06:48 Changeset [59188] by FM
fix doxygen warnings
06:41 Changeset [59187] by FM
mention that some event logic now requires a running event loop (see …
05:12 Changeset [59186] by VZ
VC6 compilation fix after last change: WXDLLIMPEXP_TEMPLATE_INSTANCE_BASE …
04:24 Changeset [59185] by VZ
refactor wxDocChildFrame and wxDocMDIChildFrame to use wxDocChildFrameAny …
03:36 Changeset [59184] by VZ
02:54 Changeset [59183] by JS
Fixed wxRichTextCtrl base class
02:21 Changeset [59182] by VZ
move functions using deprecated methods out of line to avoid deprecation …
01:00 Changeset [59181] by JS
00:56 Changeset [59180] by JS


21:27 Ticket #10523 (src/osx/carbon/colordlg.cpp fails to compile in trunk) closed by SC
fixed: (In [59179]) applying patch, fixes #10523
21:27 Changeset [59179] by SC
applying patch, fixes #10523
21:23 Ticket #10524 (wxOSX Cocoa wxStaticText doesn't grey out when disabled) closed by SC
fixed: (In [59178]) applying patch, fixes #10524
21:23 Changeset [59178] by SC
applying patch, fixes #10524
19:41 Changeset [59177] by CJP
Lint and cleanup
19:13 Changeset [59176] by CJP
Add Support for adding context links to pylint output (modified patch …
19:10 Changeset [59175] by CJP
Remove unused import
18:27 Changeset [59174] by CJP
Rename Serbian locale with correct canonical name
18:08 Changeset [59173] by KO
Adding support for installing the wxPython modules and changing the …
16:52 Changeset [59172] by CJP
Fix improperly inserting completions when cursor is inside non html …
16:15 Changeset [59171] by RD
Copy changes from 2.8 branch that never got merged correctly
15:57 Ticket #10525 (2.8 wxImage::Create doesn't set m_staticAlpha) created by gmeeker
In 2.9 m_staticAlpha is set to the static_data argument to avoid freeing …
15:43 Ticket #10524 (wxOSX Cocoa wxStaticText doesn't grey out when disabled) created by gmeeker
Apparently static text doesn't change its color in Cocoa when disabled. …
15:39 Ticket #10523 (src/osx/carbon/colordlg.cpp fails to compile in trunk) created by gmeeker
If you compile wxOSX Carbon with --disable-coldlg …
14:02 Changeset [59170] by CJP
Documentation and add more sample code to test/demo files.
11:59 Ticket #10522 (Problems in Vista with wxPython and Python 2.6.1) created by mcd
Last package ( have same problems with Python 2.6.1 in my Vista …
11:35 Changeset [59169] by JMS
No longer overestimate virtual height given to the vertical scroll bar
11:04 Changeset [59168] by KO
Fix ordering.
11:00 Changeset [59167] by JMS
wxPropertyGrid::IsEditorFocused() is now public
10:59 Ticket #10521 (wxArray::Remove : error in example) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [59166]) fix Remove() argument in the example (closes #10521)
10:59 Changeset [59166] by VZ
fix Remove() argument in the example (closes #10521)
10:50 Ticket #10521 (wxArray::Remove : error in example) created by db8200
wxArray documentation (trunk) gives the following example: T *item = …
09:55 Changeset [59165] by KO
Adding new symbols needed for wxGraphicsBitmap support.
08:16 Changeset [59164] by VZ
deprecate the old TryValidator/Parent() and replace them with the new and …
08:10 Changeset [59163] by VZ
07:24 Changeset [59162] by VZ
override TryValidator() in wxMDIParentFrame to implement forwarding of …
06:15 Changeset [59161] by VZ
another missing WXDLLIMPEXP to fix DLL build
03:46 Changeset [59160] by CE
update for 2.8.10-rcX with bakefile 0.2.5
03:24 Ticket #10520 (Changing wxToolTip tooltip text causes repaint of controls under tooltip) created by net147
Changing wxToolTip tooltip text causes repaint of controls under tooltip. …
02:59 Changeset [59159] by VZ
added wxAboutDialog::GetCopyrightToDisplay()
02:56 Changeset [59158] by VZ
rebake after WX_AGE change in build/bakefiles/version.bkl
02:51 Changeset [59157] by VZ
correct WX_AGE after last change
01:32 Changeset [59156] by CE
update for 2.8.10-rcX with bakefile 0.2.5
01:29 Changeset [59155] by CE
update for 2.8.10-rcX with bakefile 0.2.5
00:02 Changeset [59154] by JS
Fixed symbol


23:24 Changeset [59153] by JJ
Updating OpenVMS compile configuration
22:04 Changeset [59152] by CJP
Add style option to disable drawing of segment dividers
20:20 Changeset [59151] by CJP
* Separator drawing refinements * Better handling of click events
17:15 Ticket #10519 (Using style wxCB_READONLY on wxComboBox objects disables tab navigation.) created by phantompain
On panels with multiple objects of different types, if one of those …
16:17 Changeset [59150] by VS
added wxXmlResource::LoadFile() to avoid URL-vs-filename ambiguity in …
16:13 Changeset [59149] by VS
fixed wxXmlResource::Load's detection of filenames to be done as early as …
15:46 Changeset [59148] by KO
Fixes for trunk after removal of m_ accessors from public API.
15:45 Changeset [59147] by KO
Add support for building Mac frameworks.
15:44 Changeset [59146] by KO
Fix for unstable versions not listing the revision in their version …
15:42 Changeset [59145] by KO
Update the bindings with latest wx changes.
15:41 Changeset [59144] by VZ
added wxGrid::{Set,Get}{Row,Col}Sizes() methods allowing to save/restore …
15:40 Changeset [59143] by KO
Make sure that a framework build always uses lipo to build, and make sure …
15:27 Changeset [59142] by VZ
compilation fix after last commit
15:02 Changeset [59141] by VZ
don't use template assign() with VC6, even though it can compile it it …
13:53 Changeset [59140] by CJP
Implement more of the bookctrl api
13:12 Ticket #2476 (Leak, background image file not closed) closed by ivan_krestinin
fixed: Fixed by #8486
13:12 Changeset [59139] by VZ
compilation fix after the previous commit
13:04 Changeset [59138] by VZ
fix for DLL build: wxEvtHandlerArray should be in wxBase as it's used by …
13:01 Changeset [59137] by VZ
undo the change of r57522, it's not needed any more after r59136
13:01 Ticket #10294 (Handle too many items in wxFlexGridSizer better) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [59136]) postpone the check for the validity of growable rows/columns …
13:01 Changeset [59136] by VZ
postpone the check for the validity of growable rows/columns indices until …
12:57 Ticket #10518 (Patch for src/gtk/dataview.cpp compilation error) created by ivan_krestinin
Attached patch fixes the next error and warning: ../src/gtk/dataview.cpp: …
11:48 Ticket #10517 (Deadlock when loading shared library that uses wxWidgets) created by God_Mark
By using wxWidgets in a shared library (wxApp is defined in this shared …
09:55 Changeset [59135] by KO
Remove duplicate code that was landed when forward porting.
09:43 Ticket #10477 (Events Now Broken in the Trunk) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [59134]) replace templae Connect() overloads with separate Bind() …
09:43 Changeset [59134] by VZ
replace templae Connect() overloads with separate Bind() method to improve …
09:42 Ticket #10000 (Improved/typesafe event handling patch.) closed by vadz
fixed: Thanks, I've applied it with minor changes. Now Bind() must be documented. …
06:31 Changeset [59133] by CJP
Fix some flashing in the segmentbook demo/test file
05:23 Changeset [59132] by FM
add wxAppConsoleBase::OnEventLoopEnter/Exit callbacks; add …
05:12 Changeset [59131] by FM
document wxPolygonFillMode
05:10 Changeset [59130] by FM
no real change: just group functions in a logic manner
05:08 Changeset [59129] by CJP
Fix error when trying to do Copy Path from tab context menu.
05:07 Changeset [59128] by VZ
don't call Refresh(empty-rect) unnecessarily
04:08 Changeset [59127] by FM
try to clear the device/logical unit fog; remove unused and unsupported …
03:54 Changeset [59126] by FM
revise all code; do not use many global objects; use wxLog to give …


23:59 Changeset [59125] by JJ
Update compile configuration for OpenVMS
18:40 Changeset [59124] by CJP
Apply patch to add a peekable lexer wrapper utility. (patch from Rudi …
18:32 Changeset [59123] by CJP
* Implement page changing events. * Can add/remove pages
18:11 Changeset [59122] by KO
Remove no longer necessary re-entrancy check, fix function prototype …
16:09 Changeset [59121] by VZ
fix handling of long lines in wxGridCellAutoWrapStringRenderer
14:19 Changeset [59120] by KO
Fix for deprecated constructor issues, setting a function without a body …
14:10 Changeset [59119] by CJP
Move demo file icons to shared module.
13:08 Changeset [59118] by CJP
Fix some drawing issues on windows. * Text size is properly calculated and …
11:34 Changeset [59117] by BIW
focus fixes for wxAUINotebook (fixes #4361)
10:37 Ticket #4361 (wxAUINotebook incorrect ALLOW_ACTIVE_PANE handling) closed by BIW
fixed: (In [59116]) focus fixes for wxAUINotebook (fixes #4361)
10:37 Changeset [59116] by BIW
focus fixes for wxAUINotebook (fixes #4361)
10:10 Changeset [59115] by VZ
render <TH> contents in bold, as all the browsers do


21:51 Changeset [59114] by KO
Turn off the annoying beep when a key down is passed all the way up the …
21:37 Changeset [59113] by KO
Make the build script cache args passed to it so it won't reconfigure when …
21:29 Changeset [59112] by CJP
Add SegmentBook control
18:19 Changeset [59111] by KO
Make wxPython demo not asplode on shutdown. :)
13:24 Changeset [59110] by VZ
remove non-existent wx/msw/datecontrols.h from files.bkl (it's a private …
13:20 Changeset [59109] by VZ
add wx/persist/*.h files
13:15 Changeset [59108] by VZ
fix (harmless) warnings in release mingw32 build
10:34 Ticket #10516 (Python crashes when undocking AUI Toolbars) closed by bpetty
duplicate: Marked as duplicate of #10371, please refer to comments there.
10:28 Changeset [59107] by BP
Blind fix for crash when undocking AUI toolbars (#10371 and #10516).
07:35 Changeset [59106] by CJP
Add some more missing php keywords, and std functions.
06:07 Ticket #10516 (Python crashes when undocking AUI Toolbars) created by lllama
OS: Win XP SP2 wxPython Python: 2.6.1 wxMSW, unicode, …
06:00 Ticket #1090 (wxStaticText in GTK2 always stays left-aligned) reopened by ardovm
Hi, This is my first bug report here. Please let me know if it's better …
03:51 Ticket #10500 (tex2rtf segfaults on OSX 10.5 (gcc 4.0.1)) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [59105]) fix some buffer overflows (closes #10500)
03:51 Changeset [59105] by VZ
fix some buffer overflows (closes #10500)
03:31 Ticket #10515 (wxClipboard::Flush() not implemented in wxGTK) created by rincewind23
I've recently joined a project that uses wxWidgets as its GUI framework. …
01:14 Ticket #10514 (DirBrowseButton does not support passing labelWidth argument) created by leovitch
DirBrowseButton in filebrowsebutton.py is a subclass of FileBrowseButton …
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