21:52 Changeset [57631] by CJP
Add unittest for LogMsg class
21:31 Changeset [57630] by CJP
Use new style class
20:55 Changeset [57629] by CJP
Add shortcut for Toggle fold.
17:03 Ticket #8349 (wxMac: correct min/max-values for printdialog) reopened by Auria
I believe this issue should be reopened. It is possible that the submitted …
16:59 Changeset [57628] by CJP
include ftplib in binary bundles
16:39 Changeset [57627] by FM
call SetLabel() in Create() in order to run markup/ellipsization-support …
16:37 Changeset [57626] by FM
use correct wxELLIPSIZE_* constants after r57625
13:16 Changeset [57625] by FM
move Ellipsize() to wxControl so it can be easily used by other controls
12:52 Ticket #10300 (Fix ifdefs when compiling with certain options disabled) closed by AlexMcCarthy
wontfix: It seems like there are some pretty non-trivial differences between the …
12:06 Ticket #10304 (memleak: implement Clone() correctly) created by Jes
11:50 Changeset [57624] by FM
fix miscellaneous doxygen warnings; IMPORTANT: never leave empty lines …
11:30 Changeset [57623] by FM
no real change: rename wxPendingEvents to wxHandlersWithPendingEvents …
11:24 Changeset [57622] by FM
refactor wxStaticText::Ellipsize so it's a static public utility function; …
06:32 Changeset [57621] by VZ
implement DispatchTimeout() for wxOSX/Cocoa
06:25 Changeset [57620] by VZ
implement DispatchTimeout() for wxCocoa
05:26 Ticket #10303 (common.wxAUIToolBar DrawButton improvement) created by Jes
path content: -draw button label, when button hasn't a bitmap :)
03:34 Changeset [57619] by FM
no change, just add comment about wxTheColourDatabase deletion
03:32 Changeset [57618] by FM
restore tabg.h and tabg.cpp for wxMotif
03:06 Changeset [57617] by FM
restore tabg.cpp for wxMotif's wxNotebook implementation


23:06 Changeset [57616] by CJP
Add method for opening file objects derived from EdFile.
17:29 Changeset [57615] by FM
fix wxPowerEvent, wxRichTextEvent and wxWizardEvent so that they pass the …
14:51 Changeset [57614] by CJP
extra checks in case GetStc fails for some reason.
14:49 Changeset [57613] by VZ
move Read/Write() to common code, there was almost nothing …
14:48 Changeset [57612] by CJP
Modtime check simplifications
14:03 Changeset [57611] by VZ
wxSocketImpl::Shutdown() doesn't need to be virtual, its implementation …
13:56 Changeset [57610] by VZ
don't remove/add back the socket to the list of inputs monitored by the …
13:49 Changeset [57609] by VZ
remove the now unused Connect_Timeout()
13:48 Changeset [57608] by VZ
remove the badle defined and apparently unnecessary …
13:30 Changeset [57607] by VZ
compilation fix: use IsServer() instead of m_server directly
11:44 Ticket #10302 (Incomplete ButtonPanel events - no event object attached) created by Ztyx
When a wx.CommandEvent is generated by ButtonPanel it does not have an …
10:42 Changeset [57606] by FM
(blind) fix for unneeded inclusions of headers
10:37 Changeset [57605] by RR
Add Wonderful World of wxWidgets 3.0.
10:35 Changeset [57604] by FM
blind fix for wxMac (notebook headers shouldn't be needed by wxStaticText)
10:01 Changeset [57603] by VZ
map EAGAIN to wxSOCKET_WOULDBLOCK too as tit has this meaning for read() …
09:56 Changeset [57602] by VZ
got rid of wxSocketBase::m_error which could get out of sync with …
09:47 Changeset [57601] by PC
don't assert (and then crash) in wxEvent::Clone() checking code
09:15 Changeset [57600] by VZ
our sockets are always non-blocking anyhow so throw away all the code …
08:32 Changeset [57599] by CJP
trap OSError's as well
08:14 Ticket #10301 (Remove objects in a ButtonPanel) created by Ztyx
I needed to be able to modify a ButtonPanel at run-time. The ButtonPanel …
07:26 Changeset [57598] by FM
remove deprecated wxTabCtrl also from makefiles
07:21 HowToSubmitPatches edited by wojdyr
aded two points about file extensions and auto-generated files, changed … (diff)
06:58 Changeset [57597] by FM
remove the long deprecated wxTabCtrl class
06:48 Changeset [57596] by FM
fix wxSashEvent, wxFindDialogEvent, wxSplitterEvent to implement Clone() …
06:28 Changeset [57595] by FM
use accelerators for menu items and stock menu item labels for stock IDs
06:24 Changeset [57594] by FM
fix Purpose comment
06:23 Changeset [57593] by FM
Fix wxCalendarEvent and wxTextUrlEvent event classes implementing Clone() …
06:21 Changeset [57592] by FM
don't use backspace as accelerator; at least GTK+ doesn't like it
06:01 HowToSubmitPatches edited by wojdyr
changed indentation (diff)
05:46 Changeset [57591] by FM
name also QueueEvent
05:46 Changeset [57590] by FM
do not document Clone() overloads only for some classes; Clone() is …
05:42 Changeset [57589] by FM
remove wxClassInfo::InitializeClasses docs; that function does not exist …
05:40 Changeset [57588] by FM
fix wxTimerEvent and wxTreeCtrl to use IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_CLASS macro
05:38 Changeset [57587] by FM
implement a runtime check to test if wxEvent::Clone is implemented …
03:41 Changeset [57586] by VZ
make the test really use the different socket flags and disable the use of …
03:39 Changeset [57585] by VZ
set m_closed to true when we get connection lost notification
03:22 Changeset [57584] by VZ
03:14 Changeset [57583] by VZ
also include wxSocket test in the GUI test as different event loop …
03:12 Changeset [57582] by VZ
make the test really use the event loop in its second half (this already …
03:01 Changeset [57581] by VZ
implement wxEventLoop::DispatchTimeout() for wxGTK (thanks Paul) and …
02:20 Changeset [57580] by FM
do not use @b when referencing to functions; use final () to enable …
02:15 Changeset [57579] by FM
use HasFlag(wxXX) instead of GetWindowStyle() & wxXX; it's more readable
02:14 Changeset [57578] by FM
autolink CreateButtonSizer


21:44 Ticket #10088 (wxDynamicLibrary fails on Linux) reopened by oneeyeman
Here is the log from the KDevelop build window: […] Maybe Vadim can …
16:21 Changeset [57577] by VZ
also initialize option value length before calling getsockopt()
16:19 Changeset [57576] by VZ
initialize name length before calling getsockname()
16:04 Changeset [57575] by VZ
move generic DispatchTimeout() implementation in the header as …
14:58 Changeset [57574] by VZ
test sockets both with and without event loop
14:51 Changeset [57573] by VZ
PCH-less compilation fix
14:50 Changeset [57572] by VZ
use DispatchTimeout() and/or select() with timeout instead of polling loop …
14:28 Changeset [57571] by VZ
added wxEventLoop::DispatchTimeout()
14:27 Changeset [57570] by VZ
return true if we did anything in NotifyExpired()
13:16 Ticket #897 (wxNotebook and EVT_NOTEBOOK_PAGE_CHANGED and GetSelection()) closed by bpetty
12:20 Changeset [57569] by VZ
remove m_use_events from Unix wxSocket implementation, we always need …
11:28 Ticket #10300 (Fix ifdefs when compiling with certain options disabled) created by AlexMcCarthy
1) Fix ifdefs when compiling with certain options disabled 2) wxUSE_MENUS …
10:46 Changeset [57568] by JMS
Have wxPGTextCtrlEditor::UpdateControl() update wxTextCtrl font boldness …
09:03 Changeset [57567] by CJP
Call super method to set eol mode in CheckEOL.
06:39 Changeset [57566] by VZ
we don't need to use select() in DoWait() if we're receiving notifications …
06:33 Changeset [57565] by VZ
remember the events we were notified about in OnRequest() (not used yet …
05:42 Changeset [57564] by VZ
don't use function syntax which /bin/sh doesn't grok
04:24 Changeset [57563] by FM
don't use dot in brackets as doxygen renders dot with a line break
04:22 Ticket #10088 (wxDynamicLibrary fails on Linux) closed by frm
invalid: Hi Igor, I've found time to look at the archive you sent me privately …


16:01 Changeset [57562] by VZ
correct typo in one of the last changes
14:05 Changeset [57561] by RR
Only test for centre flag of minor direction and ignore the other in …
12:45 Ticket #10299 (wxAnimation & wxAnimationCtrl constructor implementation against ...) created by jbastek
In wxWidgets GTK 2.8, class wxAnimation - there is constructor with …
12:40 Changeset [57560] by RR
Avoid redraw artifacts from the border after resizing
12:28 Changeset [57559] by VZ
use INVALID_SOCKET instead of -1 to avoid signed/unsigned comparison …
12:27 Changeset [57558] by VZ
refactor Input/Output_Timeout: don't duplicate the same code in MSW/Unix …
12:06 Changeset [57557] by VZ
remove the ugly INSTANCE macro
12:03 Changeset [57556] by VZ
more wxSocket code wx-ification: use wxDynamicLibrary instead of raw Win32 …
11:52 Changeset [57555] by VZ
mingw32 typedef's and not define's SOCKET so test for WXMSW before …
11:33 Changeset [57554] by VZ
remove USE_SYS_TYPES_FD_SET definition which is already present in …
11:32 Changeset [57553] by VZ
use wxCriticalSection instead of CRITICAL_SECTION and, more importantly, …
11:12 Changeset [57552] by VZ
merge msw/gsocket.cpp into msw/sockmsw.cpp
11:10 Changeset [57551] by VZ
rename gsockmsw files to sockmsw
10:49 Changeset [57550] by VZ
avoid bakefile warnings about actions unsupported in MSVS formats by not …
10:41 Changeset [57549] by VZ
rename gsockmsw files to sockmsw
10:40 Ticket #10294 (Handle too many items in wxFlexGridSizer better) reopened by vadz
Reopening because we still need to avoid the crash and use wxLogError() to …
10:37 Changeset [57548] by VZ
reverted f57547, NET_PLATFORM_HDR is used inside msvc-header
10:33 Ticket #10294 (Handle too many items in wxFlexGridSizer better) closed by troelsk
invalid: No memory corruption any longer, why I don't know. One GrowableRows was …
10:32 Changeset [57547] by VZ
remove NET_PLATFORM_HDR which was unused and is unneeded
10:29 Changeset [57546] by VZ
use void pointers, not char ones, in socket IO functions
10:14 Ticket #10298 (wxGrid causes Access Violation on closing of grid cell editor is shown) closed by vadz
outdated: I believe this was already fixed although I can't find the bug number at …
09:43 Ticket #10298 (wxGrid causes Access Violation on closing of grid cell editor is shown) created by hmeyer
If you close a wxGrid while an editor is showm, the application reports an …
09:03 Ticket #10265 (wxURL passes escaped credentials to wxHTTP) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [57545]) fix wxURL::GetInputStream() for URLs with special characters …
09:03 Changeset [57545] by VZ
fix wxURL::GetInputStream() for URLs with special characters in …
08:50 Ticket #10294 (Handle too many items in wxFlexGridSizer better) reopened by vadz
Well, you can't put 6 items in 2x2 sizer. Clearly this should be handled …
08:47 Changeset [57544] by VZ
use wxSUPPRESS_DOLOG_HIDE_WARNING to suppress warnings about hiding base …
05:11 Ticket #10290 (Allow usage of client data in ownerdrawn wxListBox) closed by vadz
fixed: Thanks a lot, I can't judge about the OS/2 part so I applied it blindly …
05:10 Changeset [57543] by VZ
don't use the client data for storing wxOwnerDrawn in wxCheckListbox …
05:03 Ticket #10089 (Fix text colour of wxStatusBar, wxListCtrl and wxTreeCtrl on Ubuntu 8.10 ...) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [57542]) make colours used by list and tree controls more consistent …
05:03 Changeset [57542] by VZ
make colours used by list and tree controls more consistent with the …
04:45 Changeset [57541] by VZ
unhide the second wxTextAreaBase::HitTest() overload to suppress a warning …
04:41 Changeset [57540] by VZ
fix/suppress warning about hiding base class Load(wxURI,wxURI) overload
04:38 Changeset [57539] by VZ
don't use deprecated OnScroll()
04:27 Changeset [57538] by VZ
make Scroll() itself virtual too as existing code might override it (but …
04:23 Changeset [57537] by VZ
deprecate OnScroll() which existed for compatibility only even before


15:46 Changeset [57536] by VZ
handle correctly never/always shown scrollbars in GetClientSize()
13:58 Changeset [57535] by VZ
allow passing -1 range to SetScrollbar() to indicate the the scrollbar …
12:52 Changeset [57534] by KO
Make sure the files in contrib all get their lib names and links updated …
12:17 Changeset [57533] by KO
Tweaks for finding the configure script.
09:13 Changeset [57532] by VZ
compilation fix after wxScrollHelperNative renaming to wxScrollHelper
08:43 Changeset [57531] by VZ
further untangle generic and native GTK implementations of wxScrollHelper: …
08:11 Ticket #9393 (Improved scrollbar support in grids) closed by vadz
fixed: This was done (for any wxScrolledWindow, not just wxGrid) in r57530.
08:11 Changeset [57530] by VZ
provide generic implementation for ShowScrollbars() too
07:58 Changeset [57529] by VZ
add wxScrollHelper::ShowScrollbars() (implemented for GTK only right now, …
07:45 Changeset [57528] by RR
Mark alpha a static data (not to be freed), too
07:11 Changeset [57527] by VZ
add convenient GetViewStart() and Scroll() overloads taking wxPoint …
06:55 Changeset [57526] by VZ
add example of synchronizing 2 scrolled windows
04:37 Ticket #10297 ([wxGTK] wxButton and SetForegroundColour) created by byte
SetForegroundColour for wxButton doesn't change label's color in wxGTK. In …


23:51 Changeset [57525] by PC
fix saving/restoring size when WM supports _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS but not …
22:32 Changeset [57524] by CJP
Remove unnecessary page count check.
17:28 Changeset [57523] by VZ
reorganize scroll sample to make it possible to understand what it does …
16:54 Ticket #10296 (wxGLCanvas crashes with stack overflow (with potential hack)) closed by vadz
worksforme: I don't see the problem neither with your example nor with the cube sample …
16:41 Changeset [57522] by VZ
call wxFlexGridSizer::AddGrowableRow() only when the sizer has enough rows …
16:35 Changeset [57521] by VZ
correct the direction of the comparison between the number of columns/rows …
16:29 Changeset [57520] by VZ
also call AddGrowableRow/Col() for wxGridBagSizer
14:33 Ticket #10294 (Handle too many items in wxFlexGridSizer better) closed by vadz
fixed: Thanks, applied with a minor change to avoid the use of wxDynamicCast as …
14:33 Changeset [57519] by VZ
call wxFlexGridSizer::AddGrowableRow/Col() only after creating the sizer …
12:46 Changeset [57518] by RR
Don't allow concurrent requests, check return message of async request
12:09 Changeset [57517] by JMS
Fixed crash when expanding/collapsing categories too quickly (re-entrancy …
08:38 Changeset [57516] by BP
Added grid event classes to the events group in docs.
07:33 Changeset [57515] by JMS
Fixed a VC6 warning (hopefully)
07:32 Changeset [57514] by VZ
don't use \u escapes, VC6 doesn't understand them
07:29 Changeset [57513] by VZ
set correct properties for the new files
06:57 Changeset [57512] by RR
wxDataViewCtrl::IsExpanded should work now under OS X, as well
06:56 Changeset [57511] by RR
Add wxDataViewCtrl::ExpandAncestors() and call it from both …
04:05 Changeset [57510] by RR
Added pseudo-asynchronous clipboard implemenation to all ports excepts for …
03:39 Ticket #10296 (wxGLCanvas crashes with stack overflow (with potential hack)) created by zed_toocool
This is the very simple program that uses wxGLCanvas. […] Running …


23:54 Ticket #10294 (Handle too many items in wxFlexGridSizer better) reopened by troelsk
samples/xrcdemo also asserts, also after this last change, but no …
16:35 Changeset [57509] by VZ
reverted yet another accidental commit of testing code in r57505
16:21 Changeset [57508] by VZ
verify that we don't have more items than our number of rows/columns …
16:20 Ticket #10294 (Handle too many items in wxFlexGridSizer better) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [57507]) use wxFlexGridSizer correctly (fixes #10294)
16:20 Changeset [57507] by VZ
use wxFlexGridSizer correctly (fixes #10294)
15:57 Changeset [57506] by CJP
Don't delete the EOL profile key until all plugins that use have had new …
14:58 Changeset [57505] by VZ
14:44 Changeset [57504] by VZ
no changes, just don't use "any more" thrice in a row
13:42 Changeset [57503] by VZ
use CanSetValueAs() instead of CanGetValueAs() in …
11:52 Changeset [57502] by VZ
avoid warnings about localtime() being deprecated from MSVC8/9 by just not …
11:50 Ticket #10295 (Serbian Locale uses incorrect canonical name.) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [57501]) correct Serbian locale name: should be sr_RS, not sr_SR …
11:50 Changeset [57501] by VZ
correct Serbian locale name: should be sr_RS, not sr_SR (fixes #10295)
11:25 Ticket #10295 (Serbian Locale uses incorrect canonical name.) created by cprecord
Hello, As reported to me by a user of my software the name for the …
09:11 Changeset [57500] by PC
non-pch build fixes
08:13 Changeset [57499] by CJP
Update changelog for latest changes and attributions.
06:25 Ticket #10294 (Handle too many items in wxFlexGridSizer better) created by troelsk
A bug has crept in wxFlexGridSizer with some recent change, as can be seen …
06:03 Changeset [57498] by RR
Added clipboard sample check to configure.in, other changes after rebaking …
05:35 Ticket #10253 (Crash in widgets sample: wxGenericDirCtrl) closed by vadz
fixed: Sorry, the changes to wxTreeCtrl in r57093 were committed completely …
05:34 Changeset [57497] by VZ
undid change accidentally committed as part of r57093 but which didn't …
04:03 Ticket #10291 (Modal wxDialog broken) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [57496]) fix typo in r57455 which totally broke modal dialogs display …
04:03 Changeset [57496] by VZ
fix typo in r57455 which totally broke modal dialogs display (close …
03:57 Ticket #10293 (Compile error in release 57493) closed by vadz
duplicate: Same as #10292.
03:56 Ticket #10292 (Compile error revision 57493) closed by vadz
fixed: Fixed by Brian in r57494, sorry for breaking it.
03:52 Changeset [57495] by VZ
rebake after correction typo in wx/generic/headerctrlg.h name


22:26 Changeset [57494] by BP
Fixed regression in r57474 (this is the 2.8 branch, not trunk, treat …
20:31 Ticket #10293 (Compile error in release 57493) created by imradzi
Datetime.cpp contain constant that throws error in compiling unicode
18:56 Ticket #10292 (Compile error revision 57493) created by imradzi
Compile error in the datetime.cpp in msw, unicode
17:38 Ticket #10291 (Modal wxDialog broken) created by daniel
It seems that the latest changes in the wxDialog code (I suppose it was …
17:14 Changeset [57493] by CJP
Fix window not being raised from taskbar when a file is opened via the …
16:48 Changeset [57492] by CJP
Add unittests for testing EdFile.
16:03 Ticket #10290 (Allow usage of client data in ownerdrawn wxListBox) created by malcompl
We can allow usage of client data with ownerdrawn wxListBox (and derived …
15:05 Changeset [57491] by CJP
more pycomp behavior tweaks.
15:00 Changeset [57490] by CJP
Cleanup test units. Move import path hacks to main module.
14:41 Changeset [57489] by CJP
Add unittest main module for running all tests.
14:36 Changeset [57488] by RR
Regen after adding clipboard sample
14:35 Changeset [57487] by RR
Regen using newest bakefile
14:22 Changeset [57486] by RR
Added bakefiles makefiles
14:17 Changeset [57485] by RR
Forgot to commit
14:15 Changeset [57484] by RR
Added experimental async clipboard format query
14:13 Changeset [57483] by RR
Added clipboard sample
14:12 Changeset [57482] by RR
Added clipbaord sample
13:58 Changeset [57481] by CJP
Enable more keyboard navigation in FileBrowser window.
13:01 Changeset [57480] by CJP
Use ControlBox for filebrowser container.
10:19 Changeset [57479] by CJP
Fix search bar text not getting colored properly on msw/gtk.
10:03 Changeset [57478] by CJP
09:43 Changeset [57477] by CJP
09:18 Changeset [57476] by CJP
Simplify eol mode settings and persistence.
08:09 Changeset [57475] by CJP
Fix eol mode in preferences not setting correct selection.
04:18 Ticket #10055 (wxTimeSpan::Format doesn't show '-' if most important uint is 0) closed by vadz
fixed: Thanks for reporting this bug and providing a patch to fix it! I didn't …
04:16 Changeset [57474] by VZ
fix wxTimeSpan::Format() for negative spans with 0 hour component (#10055)
04:01 Ticket #10280 (can't create a 3rd toolbar) closed by vadz
invalid: This is definitely not critical, please don't waste your own and our …
03:52 Changeset [57473] by MK
FloatCanvas2 update - fixed possible problem in get_angle if both vectors …
02:45 Ticket #10288 (wxDataViewCtrl missing selection change event) closed by rk
fixed: Fixed in r57439.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.