13:20 Ticket #10179 (wxIsBusy) created by pauls44
WxIsBusy doesn't seem to work on GTK. It always returns false.
07:58 Changeset [56751] by VZ
use -Woverloaded-virtual if g++ supports it
07:41 Changeset [56750] by VZ
remove SO_SUFFIX from configure, this is handled by bakefile since many …
07:38 Changeset [56749] by VZ
use = in test, not == which is not standard and not understood by all …
07:37 Changeset [56748] by VZ
use correct shared library extension for HP-UX on ia64 [forward port from …
07:31 Changeset [56747] by VZ
fix large files support for HP-UX v11: we need _LARGEFILE_SOURCE there; …
06:40 Changeset [56746] by VZ
fix warning about hiding the base class LoadFile()
06:36 Changeset [56745] by VZ
added self-assignment check to wxListItem::operator=()
06:34 Changeset [56744] by VZ
added check for self-assignment to wxPrintData::operator=() (thanks HP aCC …
06:32 Changeset [56743] by VZ
there is no sqrt(int) in standard C++ (although glibc seems to provide …
06:29 Changeset [56742] by VZ
remove consts from casts which don't do anything except provoking HP aCC …
05:29 Changeset [56741] by CJP
Apply patch (from craig.ds) to fix: Issue 173 Regex not working with
03:55 Changeset [56740] by VZ
rebake after r56738
03:54 Changeset [56739] by VZ
fix the dependencies directory name for traditional Unix compilers
03:18 Changeset [56738] by VZ
remove lines containing nothing but spaces: this is a (fatal) syntax error …


09:02 Ticket #10178 (wxSocketClient crushes within wxThread) created by urezki
I am running xw-2.8 on Debin GNU Linux. Wx crushes while using threads …
08:53 Ticket #10177 (wxGrid row move by draging support patchs) created by XiaoXiaoHU
I had modified the grid.cpp and grid.h to including the code to support …


21:25 Changeset [56737] by CJP
update for latest fixes
20:54 Changeset [56736] by CJP
Report number of matches that were replaced when doing a Replace All.
19:01 Changeset [56735] by CJP
Fix inaccurate highlighting of words when doing an incremental whole word …
18:52 Changeset [56734] by CJP
note latest changes
15:55 Changeset [56733] by VZ
use explicit global scope for a couple of more occurrences of new
15:40 Changeset [56732] by CHB
Fixed GUIModes.py, so that you can move around during animations. Added …
15:10 Ticket #10176 (ListCtrl not returning correct GetBestSize() in OSX) created by nkh08
I think I might have found something odd in wxPython 2.8.x.x when calling …
15:06 Changeset [56731] by VZ
use base class copy ctor in wxPGCell and wxPGChoiceEntry copy ctor …
13:33 Changeset [56730] by FM
other ifacecheck fixes
12:24 Changeset [56729] by CHB
FloatCanvas: Changes to GUIModes.GUIMove to allow moving the iamge around …
12:12 Changeset [56728] by FM
update screenshots using the default theme for Windows XP (looks more …
10:31 Ticket #10172 (wxAuiToolBar automatically assign new id for tools) closed by robind
08:44 Changeset [56727] by VZ
fix yet another VC6 compilation error because of loop variable reuse
07:57 Ticket #10175 (wxListCtrl::GetItemRect bug) created by troelsk
In report mode, this is returning not the width of the entire row, only …
06:30 Ticket #10152 ([fix] r56664: src/{dfb,mgl}/font.cpp didn't compile) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [56726]) compilation fix after wxFont changes (closes #10152)
06:30 Changeset [56726] by VZ
compilation fix after wxFont changes (closes #10152)
06:08 Changeset [56725] by RR
Added wxChoice renderer to wxDataViewCtrl
06:01 Changeset [56724] by VZ
fix another VC6 compilation error because of loop variable reuse
05:46 Ticket #10174 (wxAuiToolBar allow item alignment) created by phi
wxAuiToolBarItem let us specify a great set of properties for their …
05:41 Ticket #10173 (wxAuiToolBar automatically assign new id for tools) created by phi
When calling AddTool() with an id of WX_ID_ANY, the tool should get a …
05:38 Ticket #10172 (wxAuiToolBar automatically assign new id for tools) created by phi
When calling AddTool() with an id of WX_ID_ANY, the tool should get a …
03:39 Ticket #10171 (wxAuiToolBar WindowStyleFlag bug) created by phi
The wxAuiToolBar code is not consistant about its WindowStyle flags. They …


19:53 Changeset [56723] by CJP
Escape '.' when not using regular expressions to search.
19:45 Changeset [56722] by CJP
improve performance of reading from ProcessThread fix case where some …
16:13 Ticket #10170 (auidemo crashes when undocking toolbars) created by ksinger
error message: Unhandled exception at 0x006361f4 in MCP2.exe: 0xC0000005: …
11:34 Ticket #10169 (After successfull install: _core_.so: undefined symbol: ...) created by azlk
System: uname -a Linux puppypc #1 Wed Aug 27 16:05:38 …
08:49 Changeset [56721] by FM
fix VC6 broken for variable scope handling
08:46 Changeset [56720] by FM
ifacecheck manual fixes
08:44 Changeset [56719] by FM
use wxEventType coherently with the docs
08:30 Changeset [56718] by FM
more intelligence to avoid false warnings
07:36 Changeset [56717] by FM
fix VC6 builds by removing variadic macros; use standard wxLogXXX …
07:20 Changeset [56716] by FM
fix typo: s/SetTimestamp/DisableTimestamp
04:40 Ticket #8865 (XRC wxComboBox: wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER/TAB ) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [56715]) add wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER to the list of supported flags (closes …
04:40 Changeset [56715] by VZ
add wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER to the list of supported flags (closes #8865) …
04:34 Changeset [56714] by VZ
use global operator new to fix compilation errors if type T overloads new …
03:36 Ticket #8865 (XRC wxComboBox: wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER/TAB ) reopened by jens
I want to reopen this bug-report, because wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER is still …
03:33 Changeset [56713] by FM
another wxFont OS2 blind build fix


14:43 Ticket #9093 (assert when adding event from child thread) closed by vadz
fixed: The explanations seem correct to me, so I've applied the patch as r56712, …
14:41 Changeset [56712] by VZ
fix race condition which could result in assert failures in debug builds …
10:03 Changeset [56711] by BP
Fixed typo introduced in r51034 (don't unload Gnome VFS), apparently the …
08:20 Changeset [56710] by CJP
Automatically advance search after a replace
08:14 Changeset [56709] by CJP
point updater to new request location
07:25 Changeset [56708] by FM
ifacecheck fixes
07:17 Changeset [56707] by FM
ifacecheck fixes
07:16 Changeset [56706] by CJP
fix error from applying auto-indenter improvement patch.
07:01 Changeset [56705] by FM
use wxFrameNameStr where possible instead of 'frame' string (for coherence …
06:38 Changeset [56704] by FM
generate the output gcc XML file always in the same folder where …
06:04 Changeset [56703] by FM
do not halt gccXML because wxUSE_ACCESSIBILITY, even if it's being used …
06:04 Ticket #10168 (wxGLCanvas (OpenGL rendering) broken in Vista, not refreshed properly) created by StepanHrbek
This probably affects all wxGLCanvas apps in Windows Vista. Steps …
04:56 Changeset [56702] by FM
blind fix based on buildbot logs


16:06 Changeset [56701] by VZ
release the mouse in wxGrid dtor to avoid asserts when the grid is …
15:58 Changeset [56700] by CJP
note latest updates
15:55 Changeset [56699] by CJP
Add Paste After command. (modified patch from Dario Ghilardi)
14:50 Changeset [56698] by VZ
Finnish translations update from Elias Julkunen
14:45 Ticket #10167 (wx/db.h undefines BOOL) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [56697]) don't undefine BOOL if it's already defined (closes #10167)
14:45 Changeset [56697] by VZ
don't undefine BOOL if it's already defined (closes #10167)
14:40 Ticket #10167 (wx/db.h undefines BOOL) created by dirtyepic@…
db.h in 2.8.9 unconditionally undefines BOOL, which causes build failures …
11:07 Changeset [56696] by FM
fix build
07:41 Ticket #10164 (FindWindowByName() returns 'ScrolledWindow' instead of 'wxHtmlWindow') closed by robind
invalid: When wxPython is creating a new proxy object to wrap the wxWindow pointer …
05:42 Ticket #10166 (Expand wxVariant with new datatype) created by Th.Heidler
Please expand wxVariant with datatype longlong (int64).
02:37 Ticket #10165 (MacCheckSpelling does not seem to work any more) created by jla
Hello. Activating spell checking on a wx.TextCtrl under MacOS does not …
01:18 Ticket #9093 (assert when adding event from child thread) reopened by hajokirchhoff
The problem still exists in svn-Head Nov-6th-2008 (wxMSW). Worse: in wxMSW …


21:24 Ticket #10164 (FindWindowByName() returns 'ScrolledWindow' instead of 'wxHtmlWindow') created by tgreen
REPRO: 1. create an xrc file with a wxHtmlWindow named "WEBCONTROL" <?xml …
16:47 Changeset [56695] by BP
Prevent activation of the AUI hint window (mini frame) on Mac.
16:42 Changeset [56694] by CJP
Make sure to call Thaw before leaving ClosePage
16:06 Changeset [56693] by CJP
Skip window close event in main window handler when it is not active so …
15:31 Changeset [56692] by VZ
check for NULL pointer in IsExtensionInList()
11:26 Changeset [56691] by CJP
Possible to show auto-completion choices with Ctrl+Space at anytime. …
11:00 Ticket #10163 (small improvement to the update-handlers for new-doc and open-doc) created by mr_cool
Some of us create doc templates dynamically, in which case it is valid to …
10:05 Changeset [56690] by JMS
Removed property editor validation failure assertions when implicitly …
09:33 Changeset [56689] by CJP
Improved Python auto-indenter to support automatic un-indent (patch from …
08:22 Ticket #10162 (popup sample not in samples.dsw) created by troelsk
04:15 Changeset [56688] by MW
Temporarily disable the email notifications as we're getting false ones …
00:12 Changeset [56687] by JJ
changing depricated font-family enums into current ones


23:39 Ticket #10161 (buildbot test failure in VC) created by chowette
test.exe fail in the Stream test. They hang forever trying to setup the …
18:52 Ticket #10160 (Connect Assigns different class event functions) closed by robind
invalid: It is intended to work that way. The eventSink parameter is how you can …
18:32 Ticket #10160 (Connect Assigns different class event functions) created by basos
It cost me some gray hair until i discovered that you can Connect an …
16:40 Changeset [56686] by CHB
fixed a few things in the floatcanvas BouncingBall demo
16:36 Changeset [56685] by CHB
wx.lib.floatcanvas: added a Bouncing Ball demo re-wrote the Circle …
07:28 Ticket #9989 (wxDirDialog incoherent behavior under Vista) closed by vadz
invalid: After exchanging some mails with the submitter it turned out that the …
07:27 Changeset [56684] by VZ
document wxRESIZE_BORDER side effect under Windows (see #9989)
05:56 Ticket #10159 (EVT_LISTBOX for wxSimpleHtmlListBox doesn't include the selected string) created by profdreamsmasher
I have an EVT_LISTBOX event wxSimpleHtmlListBox. In the handler, calling …
04:35 Changeset [56683] by JJ
inserting generic mdi for OpenVMS Motif support
04:27 Changeset [56682] by JJ
romoving motif-mdi for OpenVMS compile support
02:08 Ticket #10156 (Add --detail and --timing command line switch to test.exe) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [56681]) add command line options for displaying the test name and …
02:08 Changeset [56681] by VZ
add command line options for displaying the test name and time taken by …
02:01 Changeset [56680] by VZ
remove Motif MDI files not used any longer
01:57 Ticket #10158 (wxOwnerDrawnComboBox assertion) created by Trigve
When using wxOwnerDrawnComboBox and clicking to drop-down arrow, popup …
01:52 Ticket #10157 (wxOwnerDrawnComboBox SetFocus problem) created by Trigve
When using wxOwnerDrawnComboBox (or wxComboCtrl) derived combo box, I've …
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