21:24 Ticket #10164 (FindWindowByName() returns 'ScrolledWindow' instead of 'wxHtmlWindow') created by tgreen
REPRO: 1. create an xrc file with a wxHtmlWindow named "WEBCONTROL" <?xml …
16:47 Changeset [56695] by BP
Prevent activation of the AUI hint window (mini frame) on Mac.
16:42 Changeset [56694] by CJP
Make sure to call Thaw before leaving ClosePage
16:06 Changeset [56693] by CJP
Skip window close event in main window handler when it is not active so …
15:31 Changeset [56692] by VZ
check for NULL pointer in IsExtensionInList()
11:26 Changeset [56691] by CJP
Possible to show auto-completion choices with Ctrl+Space at anytime. …
11:00 Ticket #10163 (small improvement to the update-handlers for new-doc and open-doc) created by mr_cool
Some of us create doc templates dynamically, in which case it is valid to …
10:05 Changeset [56690] by JMS
Removed property editor validation failure assertions when implicitly …
09:33 Changeset [56689] by CJP
Improved Python auto-indenter to support automatic un-indent (patch from …
08:22 Ticket #10162 (popup sample not in samples.dsw) created by troelsk
04:15 Changeset [56688] by MW
Temporarily disable the email notifications as we're getting false ones …
00:12 Changeset [56687] by JJ
changing depricated font-family enums into current ones


23:39 Ticket #10161 (buildbot test failure in VC) created by chowette
test.exe fail in the Stream test. They hang forever trying to setup the …
18:52 Ticket #10160 (Connect Assigns different class event functions) closed by robind
invalid: It is intended to work that way. The eventSink parameter is how you can …
18:32 Ticket #10160 (Connect Assigns different class event functions) created by basos
It cost me some gray hair until i discovered that you can Connect an …
16:40 Changeset [56686] by CHB
fixed a few things in the floatcanvas BouncingBall demo
16:36 Changeset [56685] by CHB
wx.lib.floatcanvas: added a Bouncing Ball demo re-wrote the Circle …
07:28 Ticket #9989 (wxDirDialog incoherent behavior under Vista) closed by vadz
invalid: After exchanging some mails with the submitter it turned out that the …
07:27 Changeset [56684] by VZ
document wxRESIZE_BORDER side effect under Windows (see #9989)
05:56 Ticket #10159 (EVT_LISTBOX for wxSimpleHtmlListBox doesn't include the selected string) created by profdreamsmasher
I have an EVT_LISTBOX event wxSimpleHtmlListBox. In the handler, calling …
04:35 Changeset [56683] by JJ
inserting generic mdi for OpenVMS Motif support
04:27 Changeset [56682] by JJ
romoving motif-mdi for OpenVMS compile support
02:08 Ticket #10156 (Add --detail and --timing command line switch to test.exe) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [56681]) add command line options for displaying the test name and …
02:08 Changeset [56681] by VZ
add command line options for displaying the test name and time taken by …
02:01 Changeset [56680] by VZ
remove Motif MDI files not used any longer
01:57 Ticket #10158 (wxOwnerDrawnComboBox assertion) created by Trigve
When using wxOwnerDrawnComboBox and clicking to drop-down arrow, popup …
01:52 Ticket #10157 (wxOwnerDrawnComboBox SetFocus problem) created by Trigve
When using wxOwnerDrawnComboBox (or wxComboCtrl) derived combo box, I've …


16:36 Ticket #10156 (Add --detail and --timing command line switch to test.exe) created by chowette
Add --display option to displays the test name. This allow for quick …
16:21 Ticket #10155 (Allow autoscrolling wxListCtrl) created by jfaust
wxListCtrl (generic version at least, which is used in wxGTK) overrides …
14:36 Contributors edited by vadz
Added another contributor (diff)
10:04 Contributors created by vadz
Added lookup page for Trac contributors
09:47 Ticket #9892 (samples/docvwmdi open/save) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [56679]) override Do{Open,Save}Document() instead of …
09:47 Changeset [56679] by VZ
override Do{Open,Save}Document() instead of On{Open,Save}Document() …
06:12 Ticket #10053 (wxDataViewCtrl assertion failed (MSW)) closed by lillo
fixed: Closing this ticket as I've found out the problem is elsewhere; see ticket …
06:09 Ticket #10154 (bug with wxDataViewCtrl and custom event handler) created by lillo
Hi, As explained in ticket #10053, I've had problems with wxDataViewCtrl …
06:01 Ticket #10153 (wxRichTextCtrl: DEL / BCKSPC key press when selection is present should ...) created by catalin
Select some text in a wxRichTextCtrl, - press DEL - the selection and the …
05:03 Ticket #10152 ([fix] r56664: src/{dfb,mgl}/font.cpp didn't compile) created by alarsen
Consistently use wxFont.. types instead of int; completes SVN r56664 (FM) …
04:15 Changeset [56678] by VZ
disable the test under Windows as it hangs and prevents buildbot from …
04:11 Changeset [56677] by VZ
include wx/menu.h as we delete wxMenu pointer in this header (and creating …
01:52 Ticket #10151 (wxComboCtrl XRC handler) created by Trigve
Support for wxComboCtrl in XRC


20:32 Changeset [56676] by CJP
Tagging Editra 0.3.90
20:01 Ticket #10150 (RichTextCtrl: a "space" added when pressing shift-Enter) created by catalin
One space character is added at the end of a row that ends with …
19:10 Changeset [56675] by CJP
Bump version number
18:46 Changeset [56674] by VZ
Review/simplify/cleanup MDI classes for all platforms and introduce base …
18:33 Ticket #4695 (Defining default accelerators for wxRichTextCtrl) reopened by catalin
Undo Ctrl+Z Redo Ctrl+Y are missing from RTCtrl accelerators table.
18:01 Ticket #10149 (RichTextCtrl: Wrong single word per line wrap for the last word of a ...) created by catalin
The wrapping of the last word of a paragraph, that is longer than one line …
17:42 Changeset [56673] by VZ
fix wxXPMDataHandler silently broken by long->wxBitmapType change
14:58 Changeset [56672] by VZ
added wxrc to the makefiles
13:55 Changeset [56671] by VZ
include richtext library in BUILT_WX_LIBS (in particular so that it …
11:32 Changeset [56670] by FM
build fix (the sample uses an undocumented function of wxFont)
10:50 Changeset [56669] by FM
build fix
10:24 Changeset [56668] by FM
build fixes
10:15 Changeset [56667] by FM
build fixes
09:24 Changeset [56666] by VZ
don't crash trying to draw buttons with invalid bitmaps (the real fix …
09:10 Changeset [56665] by VZ
fix (harmless) unused variable warning
09:02 Changeset [56664] by FM
fix the incoherence pointed out by ifacecheck between wx docs, that …
09:02 Changeset [56663] by JMS
Moved Get/SetPropertyText/BackgroundColour() member functions from …
06:37 Changeset [56662] by FM
remaining h* interface header revision
05:36 Changeset [56661] by VZ
define wxHAS_CONFIG_TEMPLATE_RW if template wxConfig::Read/Write() are …
04:48 Ticket #10148 (wx/tls.h is needed by base libraries but not installed) closed by vadz
fixed: Thanks for noticing this, [should be] fixed by applying the patch and …
04:47 Changeset [56660] by VZ
wx/tls.h belongs to base headers, not core (#10148)
04:44 Changeset [56659] by VZ
define operator<<(wxLongLong_t) for VC6 whether wxUSE_STD_IOSTREAM is 0 or …
03:57 Changeset [56658] by FM
fixed doxygen warnings produced by the ifacecheck fixes
02:11 Ticket #10148 (wx/tls.h is needed by base libraries but not installed) created by alarsen
wx/string.h needs wx/tls.h for all UTF-8 builds (even non-GUI), but …
02:05 Ticket #10147 (sync SWIG patches with latest version) created by techtonik
wxPython uses two years old version of SWIG 1.3.29 Since then SWIG …


18:52 Ticket #10146 (Corrections to wxHelpController Documentation) created by charles
Attached is a patch to correct some documentation errors in the trunk …
17:11 Changeset [56657] by VZ
blind fix for yet another VC6 compilation error
16:31 Changeset [56656] by VZ
really fix VC6 compilation of all testsi (without breaking VC9)
15:36 Changeset [56655] by CJP
Add helper script for generating plugin index list
15:21 Changeset [56654] by VZ
oops, fix the test broken by the last compilation fix
14:50 Changeset [56653] by VZ
ugly VC6 compilation fix (non-ugly doesn't want to work for some reason as …
14:30 Changeset [56652] by VZ
undo the previous change, it's not needed any more now that we overload …
14:16 Changeset [56651] by FM
declare all NameStr[] strings as const char using the correct …
11:13 Changeset [56650] by SC
make sure virtual method isn't inlined away
09:23 Ticket #10145 (wxBufferedDC::GetSize() returns wrong size) created by rwruck
When constructing a wxBufferedDC by passing the area parameter instead of …
09:19 Changeset [56649] by CJP
Add standard binding for Mac Cmd+Right/Left
07:30 Changeset [56648] by CJP
Update plugins
07:26 Changeset [56647] by CJP
bump version numbers
07:21 Changeset [56646] by CJP


19:43 Changeset [56645] by VZ
replace wx_{const,static,reinterpret}_cast with their standard C++ …
19:39 Changeset [56644] by VZ
replace wx_{const,static,reinterpret}_cast with their standard C++ …
19:34 Changeset [56643] by VZ
add yet another overload of assertEquals to fix another compilation error …
19:16 Changeset [56642] by VZ
remove tests for bool and {const,static,reinterpret}_cast in configure and …
19:16 Changeset [56641] by VZ
remove tests for bool and {const,static,reinterpret}_cast in configure and …
18:59 Changeset [56640] by VZ
explicitly cast wxUniCharRef to char inside CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL
18:58 Changeset [56639] by VZ
added propgrid sources
18:48 Changeset [56638] by VZ
resolve the DLL linking problems with MSVC due to use of static variables …
18:43 Changeset [56637] by VZ
fix (justified) warnings about potential use of uninitialized variable in …
18:11 Changeset [56636] by VZ
g++ compilation fix after latest changes
17:52 Changeset [56635] by VZ
add assertEquals(int,unsigned short) overload to resolve the ambiguity …
16:47 Changeset [56634] by CJP
remove debug statement
16:46 Changeset [56633] by CJP
Update changelog
16:46 Changeset [56632] by CJP
Add basic tag generator for D programming language
11:52 DebugRelease edited by vaclavslavik
11:40 Changeset [56631] by JMS
In composed string values, entry for last children was often omitted if it …
11:05 Changeset [56630] by VZ
yet another compilation fix, this time for VC9
10:09 Changeset [56629] by JMS
It was not possible to set value of unspecified child by editing parent's …
09:59 Ticket #10142 (wxImage::Close()) closed by vaclavslavik
wontfix: Having two names for the same thing is confusing and therefore bad. …
09:49 Changeset [56628] by JMS
Fix various warnings that only appear for release builds
09:11 Ticket #10144 (wxStreamBuffer "ambiguous overload" error since r56583) created by dghart
Since revision 50988 in wx/stream.h, the following code gives a "ambiguous …
08:12 Ticket #10143 (wxImage::ConvertAlphaToMask(): mask colour as parameters) created by troelsk
In case you do not want the 'automatically' chosen mask colour.
08:10 Ticket #10142 (wxImage::Close()) created by troelsk
"Destroy" sounds somewhat too dramatical, introducing Close(), doing the …
08:05 Ticket #10141 (wxImage::Clear()) created by troelsk
The [single line of] code is already in wxImage, in Create. This patch …


20:31 Changeset [56627] by CJP
Fix file header and docs
19:18 Changeset [56626] by CJP
Dont sort key choices as it makes them harder to read then using the set …
19:10 Changeset [56625] by CJP
More keybinding validation checks and corrections
17:49 Changeset [56624] by CJP
Do more verification of keybinding selections when setting them to the key …
16:07 Changeset [56623] by VZ
fix another MSVC /Wp64 warning about size_t to int conversion (closes …
15:33 Ticket #10140 (wxChoicebook::UpdateSelectedPage generates a warning on win-x64 platform) created by dconnet
When using wxChoicebook in an x64 windows project, a warning is generated …
11:53 Changeset [56622] by JMS
Reworked wxPGCell. It is now reference counted, and therefore much more …
10:14 Ticket #10068 (Fix 64-bit portability warning under MSW VS 2005) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [56621]) fix MSVC /Wp64 warning about size_t to int conversion (closes …
10:14 Changeset [56621] by VZ
fix MSVC /Wp64 warning about size_t to int conversion (closes #10068)
08:44 Ticket #10130 (Accelerators are not always properly enabled/disabled by update UI ...) closed by pcor
fixed: I judged it safe enough to do both trunk and 2.8 branch at the same time.
08:18 Ticket #10139 (Wrong library being stripped) created by tpetazzoni
I'm building wxWidgets for an embedded system, on top of DirectFB, using …
06:07 Ticket #10114 (cannot compile with disabled wxUSE_FILESYSTEM) closed by VZ
fixed: (In [56620]) fix compilation without wxUSE_FILESYSTEM (closes #10114)
06:07 Changeset [56620] by VZ
fix compilation without wxUSE_FILESYSTEM (closes #10114)
03:11 Ticket #10138 (Invalid FAIL_MSG in wxTopLevelWindowMSW::SetIcons) closed by vaclavslavik
fixed: Softened the assert in r56619 after discussion with Vadim.
03:06 Changeset [56619] by VS
wxTLW: don't assert when setting null icons initially (#10138)
03:05 DebugRelease created by vadz
Added placeholder page.
02:47 Changeset [56618] by VS
fix toolbar buttons so that they don't disappear temporarily when clicked …
02:41 Changeset [56617] by VS
fix toolbar buttons so that they don't disappear temporarily when clicked …
01:16 Ticket #10138 (Invalid FAIL_MSG in wxTopLevelWindowMSW::SetIcons) created by hajokirchhoff
SetIcons complains about "icon bundle doesn't contain any suitable icon" …
00:11 Ticket #10137 (Implement wxRadioButton::SetForegroundColour()) created by tmolenhuis
Steps to reproduce: Try to change the color of a wxRadioButton in the …


22:26 Ticket #10130 (Accelerators are not always properly enabled/disabled by update UI ...) closed by pcor
fixed: Fixed in r56616.
22:25 Changeset [56616] by PC
make sure update UI handlers are called for accelerators, #10130
20:59 Changeset [56615] by CJP
lint and docs
20:53 Changeset [56614] by CJP
cleanup and lint
20:50 Changeset [56613] by CJP
Fix typo
20:48 Changeset [56612] by CJP
remove unused import
20:43 Changeset [56611] by CJP
20:34 Changeset [56610] by CJP
import prefdlg in global scope
19:44 Changeset [56609] by CJP
Fix bug in KeyBinder where it was not possible to programmatically set the …
19:24 Changeset [56608] by CJP
Include the term that was search for and what options where used when …
19:06 Changeset [56607] by VZ
grid sample doesn't need neither html nor xml library
18:22 Changeset [56606] by BP
Reviewed some g* interface headers.
16:25 Changeset [56605] by CJP
Fix unicode handling error
16:23 Changeset [56604] by VZ
disable a correct test which VC6 just doesn't want to grok (hopefully last …
16:22 Changeset [56603] by VZ
for some reason having int/size_t assertEquals() overload is not always …
16:04 Changeset [56602] by VZ
fix linking problems due to MSVC implicitly considering template classes …
09:54 Changeset [56601] by VZ
attempting to fix VC6 compilation error from buildbot logs
08:57 Changeset [56600] by VZ
don't use WXDLLIMPEXP_BASE with wx[Sorted]Array_SortFunction, this results …
04:24 Ticket #10134 (wxString::FromAscii() returns empty string) closed by vaclavslavik
invalid: You should get into the habit of using the debug build of wxWidgets …
04:22 Changeset [56599] by VS
must close output file before reading back from it
04:16 Changeset [56598] by FM
set WARN_IF_UNDOCUMENTED to YES; it doesn't introduce new warnings for now …
04:15 Changeset [56597] by FM
fix typos
04:14 Changeset [56596] by FM
04:11 Changeset [56595] by FM
fixed missing semicolons, as reported by check_syntax.sh
04:06 Changeset [56594] by FM
added a simple script to detect interface headers with missing semicolons
03:53 Changeset [56593] by FM
typo fix
03:39 Changeset [56592] by FM
fixed the error '& may not appear in macro parameter list' reported by …
03:32 Changeset [56591] by FM
fixed the error 'macro parameters must be comma-separated' reported by …
00:25 Changeset [56590] by VS
wxHTML: don't include extra whitespace in table cells
00:24 Changeset [56589] by VS
wxHTML: don't include extra whitespace in table cells
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