21:57 Changeset [53772] by SC
fixing arc filling for angles > 180
21:49 Changeset [53771] by SC
fixing arc filling for angles > 180
17:59 Changeset [53770] by CJP
remove some unused code
16:11 Ticket #4294 (2.8.4 MS eVC++ compile warning) closed by wojdyr
16:01 Ticket #3123 (Arbitrary pad while computing min size) closed by wojdyr
13:50 Changeset [53769] by RD
Minor tweaks to match recent changes in wxWidgets
13:50 Changeset [53768] by RD
version number change
13:49 Changeset [53767] by RD
12:10 Changeset [53766] by RD
Merge r53760 from 2.8 branch
12:09 Changeset [53765] by RD
Merge r53759 from 2.8 branch
12:09 Changeset [53764] by RD
Merge r53758 from 2.8 branch
12:08 Changeset [53763] by RD
Merge r53757 from 2.8 branch
12:07 Changeset [53762] by RD
Merge r53756 from 2.8 branch
12:06 Changeset [53761] by RD
Merge r53755 from 2.8 branch
12:03 Changeset [53760] by RD
Move the cleanup inside the if statement
12:02 Changeset [53759] by RD
explain why we aren't using wx.GCDC on Mac
12:02 Changeset [53758] by RD
New editra message catalogs
12:01 Changeset [53757] by RD
minor demo tweaks
12:01 Changeset [53756] by RD
Allow an output file of '-' to mean stdout.
11:59 Changeset [53755] by RD
Enhanced the Widget Inspection Tool. Added the ability to highlight the …
11:50 Changeset [53754] by RD
Don't add new enums to the middle of the list to preserve ABI
10:31 Ticket #3387 (GTK errors after Remove and Insert sub-menu item) closed by pcor
fixed: Fixed in rev 53753.
10:28 Changeset [53753] by PC
fix removing menu item, ticket 3387
05:10 Ticket #9495 (wxCheckbox support for multiline/wrapping) created by joriksf
msw version of wxCheckbox doesn't support multiline and/or wrapping.
04:41 Changeset [53752] by RR
Removed more @ groups
04:18 Ticket #9493 (interface/string micro-patch) closed by roebling
04:17 Changeset [53751] by RR
Ticket #9493: interface-string-asterisk.patch
03:44 Ticket #9494 (wxMDIChildFrame sets unconditionally wxCLIP_CHILDREN) created by harry.mckame
wxMDIChildFrame::Create() sets unconditionally WS_CLIPCHILDREN without …
03:15 Ticket #9493 (interface/string micro-patch) created by troelsk
02:21 Changeset [53750] by VS
use bakefile-0.2.3 to generate 2.8 bakefiles
01:26 Ticket #9492 (vc6 compilo) created by troelsk
00:49 Changeset [53749] by RR
Various minor corrections
00:33 Changeset [53748] by RR
Minor correction
00:32 Ticket #9491 (wxToolbook and wxListbook - event.Veto() doesn´t work correctly) created by gerold
Hello! I think, I´ve found a bug in wx.Toolbook and wx.Listbook. If I …


16:13 HowToSubmitPatches edited by vaclavslavik
wxT() note only applies to 2.8 (diff)
15:38 HowToSubmitPatches edited by wojdyr
15:37 HowToSubmitTicket edited by wojdyr
15:09 Ticket #9490 (wxString::Replace(wxChar,wxChar)) created by troelsk
wxString::Replace() exists only in a string variant, no single character …
14:54 Changeset [53747] by KO
(Port to trunk) Fix for wxClientDC::GetAsBitmap, which partially resolves …
14:48 Changeset [53746] by KO
Build fix for non-pch builds, e.g. for universal binary building.
14:29 Changeset [53745] by RR
Removed Item Management category, minor corrections
14:21 Ticket #4369 (FindWindow() could return this instead of a child) closed by roebling
fixed: I changed the documentation
14:20 Changeset [53744] by RR
Clarified wxWindow::Find() wrt to returning *this*, some formating
14:12 HowToSubmitPatches edited by wojdyr
13:55 Ticket #2274 (wxListBox::Delete ignores Freeze/Thaw and is verrrrry slow) closed by roebling
fixed: I defered SetHorizontalExtent() to idle time.
13:54 Changeset [53743] by RR
Defer SetHorizontalExtent to idle, also fixes (wxListBox::Delete ignores …
11:24 HowToSubmitPatches edited by wojdyr
11:02 Ticket #9489 (wxGTK Native wxBitmapComboBox) created by jmsalli
wxBitmapComboBox implemented using native GTK combo box widget. It has …
10:56 Changeset [53742] by KO
Fix for wxClientDC::GetAsBitmap, which partially resolves ticket #9486
08:34 Ticket #4389 (Inconsistent event names around wxFilePicker control) closed by wojdyr
invalid: yes, that's a general problem, but that's not a bug. This issue was …
07:26 Ticket #9488 (crash in wxMacDataBrowserListCtrlControl::MacSetColumnInfo, was: ...) created by yuv
newbie's first report here - please forgive me if I (inevitably) make …


21:28 Ticket #9487 (wxDirPickerCtrl::GetPath() returns empty path when using default path ...) created by cdekter
When using the default style of DirPickerCtrl in wxGTK, ::GetPath() always …
20:13 Ticket #4384 (wxSizer::SetSizeHints/wxSizer::Fit can fail to resize window) closed by vadz
fixed: This should be fixed both in the trunk and in the latest 2.8 branch (i.e. …
20:12 Ticket #2909 (SetSize() is wrongly implemented) closed by vadz
fixed: This is finally fixed by r53741 (better late than never).
20:08 Changeset [53741] by VZ
don't take the min size into account when setting the window size …
19:56 Changeset [53740] by VZ
create tests/window directory for wxWindow tests
19:39 Ticket #2964 (ListBox.Insert doesn't set client data properly) closed by wojdyr
outdated: from docs: wxControlWithItems::Insert Not valid for wxLB_SORT or wxCB_SORT …
19:05 Ticket #1372 (wxListbook: Listview borders truncated) closed by wojdyr
19:04 Ticket #2594 (wxEvtHandler::Connect doesn't work with ScrollWinEvents) closed by wojdyr
invalid: I suppose it's a bug in your code
18:40 Ticket #3489 (wxPageSetupDialogData doesn't work with Landscape) closed by wojdyr
outdated: I don't know which port was used by reporter, perhaps it the same as …
18:29 Ticket #9486 (Blit() fails for wxScreenDC and wxClientDC on Mac) created by Utensil
This bug's description is mentioned in the forum first time in MacOS X: …
18:19 Ticket #2675 (Crash closing wxPrintDialog (wxPython, GTK2+)) closed by wojdyr
outdated: the last comments are optimistic, so hopefully the bug was already fixed. …
18:08 Ticket #4335 (wxPageSetupDialog always returns portrait as the orientation) closed by wojdyr
outdated: I'm closing it according to the last comment.
17:39 Ticket #4336 (missing code in wxSimpleHelpProvider) closed by wojdyr
invalid: no, this method is correct. Perhaps there should be another method: …
17:22 Ticket #4279 (wxMessageDialogBase::SetCaption) closed by wojdyr
invalid: what do you need wxMessageDialogBase::SetCaption() for?
17:13 Ticket #3951 (wxDirItemData is not documanteted) closed by wojdyr
invalid: not a bug
15:25 Changeset [53739] by VZ
add test for bug 716
15:06 Ticket #1979 (EnablePrinter(False) has no effect?) closed by vadz
invalid: I think you misunderstood the purpose of EnablePrinter() method (not …
14:49 Ticket #3735 (wxGrid memory leakage for version 2.8.0) closed by wojdyr
outdated: Thanks for reporting this and especially for the comment that the problems …
14:23 Ticket #9485 (Dangling pointer in wxTopLevelWindow) created by arst
Consider adding and removing buttons to a wxFrame (or wxDialog) and using: …
13:24 Changeset [53738] by RR
Dont send spin text update event from SetValue()
12:49 Changeset [53737] by RR
Mention wxDataViewTreeCtrl in wxTreeCtrl
12:37 Changeset [53736] by RR
Minor doc corrections
12:16 Changeset [53735] by RR
Don't use font encoding in Unicode mode
11:56 Ticket #4678 (wxMac: wxTreeCtrl sometimes doesn't paint) closed by robind
fixed: I'm not sure which change solved the problem but it is has been fixed for …
11:53 Ticket #3287 (Jumping controls in scrolledwindow) closed by robind
fixed: This has been fixed alread
11:33 Ticket #4349 (Problem with widgets in Vista) reopened by robind
Well, since the manifest files are installed by wxPython's installer …
10:24 Changeset [53734] by CE
Borland still hates ternary ?
09:43 Ticket #2796 (wxListCtrl Setting one attribute overwrites others) closed by doscott
09:42 Ticket #2790 (wxDatePickerCtrl crash on dialog resize) closed by doscott
08:25 Ticket #813 (wxComboBox can't auto-complete if .SetValue() is used) closed by vadz
wontfix: I'm afraid there is nothing we can do about this, what you describe seems …
08:13 Ticket #1738 (wxListCtrl::GetItemState on MSW may return wrong values.) closed by vadz
fixed: The test passes with the recent wx versions so I guess the bug was fixed …
08:09 Changeset [53733] by VZ
compilation fix after the last change
08:03 Ticket #761 (wxSTD_xxx_ICON) closed by vadz
invalid: I don't understand what the bug is and, anyhow, hopefully it should be …
07:56 Ticket #4349 (Problem with widgets in Vista) closed by vadz
invalid: This is not a wx bug, it's definitely related to python.exe and/or …
07:55 Ticket #4412 (wxTreeCtrl - MultipleSelection bug in Vista) closed by vadz
fixed: This was fixed by Ben's patch, I've just retested the treectrl sample …
07:54 Ticket #3593 (Std dialog captions should be translatable) closed by wojdyr
invalid: FTR, patch 1840654 is now #8902
07:42 Changeset [53732] by VZ
do case normalization after long path one, this fixes the problem with …
06:58 Ticket #4516 (wxListBox Selection Click Under Last Item Bug) closed by roebling
wontfix: I just checked this and it does look a little mysterious, but I don't see …
06:32 Ticket #2253 (wxGtk wxListBox improper behaviour for wxLB_MULTIPLE) closed by roebling
06:31 Ticket #585 (wxListBox selection events: platform inconsistencies?) closed by roebling
06:29 Ticket #9483 ([gtk] sample widgets>text crashes on Clear button) closed by roebling
06:22 Ticket #4010 (SetAxisOrientation PaintDC vs GCDC) closed by roebling
fixed: Fixed recently in SVN.
05:50 Ticket #2633 (wxString::Format truncates string parameters at 1023 bytes) closed by vadz
fixed: AFAIK this should be fixed, please reopen if the bug still exists in 2.8 …
05:28 HowToSubmitTicket edited by wojdyr


17:34 Ticket #2353 (StaticText aligns to top of ToolBar - GTK2) closed by wojdyr
outdated: with wx2.9 it's in the middle of toolbar
16:28 Changeset [53731] by VZ
added wrapsizer (should have been checked in a long time ago)
16:28 Ticket #9146 (Shows command line output in stderr on Windows) closed by vadz
fixed: Ok, using 'W' versions does seem to work so I'm checking this in (as …
16:28 Changeset [53730] by VZ
improve wxMessageOutputBest console output under Windows (closes 9146)
16:02 HowToSubmitTicket created by wojdyr
14:36 Ticket #9091 (allow timers to be started from a thread) closed by vadz
14:14 Queries edited by wojdyr
added "my tickets" (diff)
13:26 Ticket #9091 (allow timers to be started from a thread) reopened by harry.mckame
Vadim, I guarantee from personal experience that this works on all …
12:41 Changeset [53729] by RR
wxTextCtrk::GetRange() shouldn't crash on out of range request
12:40 Changeset [53728] by RR
Simplify SetValue() with empty string
12:06 Ticket #9091 (allow timers to be started from a thread) closed by vadz
invalid: I'm sorry but I am probably really bad at explaining even things which …
11:56 Ticket #9480 (wxListCtrl::SetWindowStyleFlag do not changes border styles) closed by vadz
fixed: Thanks, applied to both branches.
11:56 Changeset [53727] by VZ
call base class version from SetWindowStyleFlag() to update common styles …
11:52 Queries edited by vadz
Update after status changes (diff)
11:51 Ticket #4673 (wxFileHistory::Load parameter should be const) closed by vadz
fixed: This had been already applied (on SF), I don't know why did it end up …
11:49 Ticket #4029 (treectrl sample fails to properly twiddle the icons) closed by vadz
fixed: Thanks, I've applied the fix to the trunk.
11:49 Changeset [53726] by VZ
correct toggling of the selected icon (closes 4029)
11:39 Ticket #9484 (Patch Adding Report View to wxListbook) created by crjjrc
wxListbook currently uses a wxLC_ICON style unconditionally for the …
11:39 Ticket #9483 ([gtk] sample widgets>text crashes on Clear button) created by wojdyr
wxGTK trunk r53724 this can be reproduced by: ./widgets select …
11:31 Changeset [53725] by RR
Invocation of default button by <ENTER> was impossible in wxLB_MULTIPLE
10:45 Ticket #2761 (RadioButton: no event on clicking selected button again) closed by wojdyr
invalid: That's not a bug. You can't deselect radiobutton by clicking on it. Use …
08:54 Changeset [53724] by CJP
Add Option to automatically clear buffer between runs Make output colors …
08:53 Changeset [53723] by CJP
Move ColorSetter to its own module
08:50 Ticket #9324 (fortran 90 interface) closed by wojdyr
invalid: interfaces from other languages are independent projects, so I'm closing …
08:47 Ticket #9208 (Improved wxplot) closed by wojdyr
wontfix: wxPlot is not in wxWidgets anymore. A good plotting widget would be nice, …
07:49 Ticket #9413 (Cross Platform Mozilla/WebKit) closed by wojdyr
invalid: There are wxMozilla and wxWebkit projects, you may help them. Sorry, but …
07:12 Ticket #9440 (make file attributes available in wxDirTraverser ) reopened by vadz
I think we can keep this opened as a wish list…
07:03 Ticket #9440 (make file attributes available in wxDirTraverser ) closed by wojdyr
wontfix: IIUC it won't be implemented by developers, so let me close the ticket.
05:18 Changeset [53722] by VZ
fix MSVC warnings about conversions between pointers and longs
04:17 Changeset [53721] by RR
Update IsSelection() docs
04:04 Changeset [53720] by RR
Update controls sample to follow documented logic
04:03 Changeset [53719] by RR
Move event generation in multiple selection mode to common code
04:03 Changeset [53718] by RR
Move event generation in multiple selection mode to common code
04:02 Changeset [53717] by RR
Move event generation in multiple selectino mode to common code
03:19 Changeset [53716] by RR
Update selection cache when inserting items, too
03:12 Changeset [53715] by RR
Move event generation code for multiple selection mode to common code
02:48 Changeset [53714] by RR
Remove deprecated methods
02:46 Changeset [53713] by RR
Disable events upon item deletion (just in case) and update selection …


20:22 Changeset [53712] by CJP
Add some convinience methods for changing text colors.
20:05 Ticket #9476 (Add detail descriptions to wx Trac Workflow page) closed by robind
fixed: Done. More or less…
20:04 WikiStart edited by robind
add link to wxTrackWorkflow (diff)
19:57 wxTracWorkflow edited by robind
19:50 wxTracWorkflow edited by robind
19:49 Ticket #2554 (wxSplitterWindow children min size not respected) closed by wojdyr
invalid: I'm closing it according to the last comment.
19:29 Queries edited by wxsite
19:25 Ticket #4656 (Add more stock items) closed by wojdyr
wontfix: there is no such stock item in gtk
19:24 Queries edited by wxsite
changed to trac query links (diff)
19:07 Ticket #9482 (remove assigned from workflow) closed by robind
fixed: Done. I got the BatchModify plugin working so it was easier than I …
19:04 Ticket #2315 (Configuration errors for DJGPP) closed by wojdyr
outdated: MGL is not supported anymore, I suppose that the ticket is outdated. If …
19:00 Ticket #1497 (wxMenu: Menu item bitmaps in-correct (2.4.2)) closed by wojdyr
outdated: I don't know what platform, but the bitmaps are greyed out on wxGTK now. I …
18:16 Ticket #3725 ([wxMSW 2.8.0] wxListCtrl eats WXK_RETURN) reopened by wojdyr
i was wrong, wxEVT_COMMAND_ENTER can be propagated it's related to #2740
18:00 Ticket #9482 (remove assigned from workflow) created by robind
I had to leave "assigned" in the workflow so we can transition all the …
17:32 Ticket #9279 (wxListCtrl: can't veto select/deselect) closed by wojdyr
wontfix: so let me close it
17:15 Ticket #3725 ([wxMSW 2.8.0] wxListCtrl eats WXK_RETURN) closed by wojdyr
invalid: i think it's not a bug, key events are not propagated to parent window. …
17:00 Ticket #2623 (cant scroll ListCtrl with mouse wheel) closed by wojdyr
outdated: I tried your example, it scrolls now (
16:55 Ticket #1475 (Some features for wxListCtrl (and one bug)) closed by wojdyr
outdated: I had a look at the code and 4. seems to be fixed. The rest are feature …
16:38 Ticket #9481 (Support submenus in the Mac Help menu) created by lightbulbs
Patch allows the standard Mac Help menu to contain wxMenuItems with …
15:58 Changeset [53711] by SN
Added workaround for "Internal compiler error" with old gcc(-2.8).
15:41 Ticket #1365 (wxListCtrl doesn't receive EVT_KILL_FOCUS) closed by wojdyr
outdated: i tested it on with your patch on wxGTK 2.9 svn, and it works now
15:08 Ticket #9479 (const wxString & conversion for Get functions) closed by vadz
wontfix: No, we prefer to return wxString here and from all other methods which are …
15:01 Ticket #3718 (wxGetStockLabel detail) closed by wojdyr
wontfix: I see that ellipsis were added also to other stock items. As this is …
14:58 Ticket #9480 (wxListCtrl::SetWindowStyleFlag do not changes border styles) created by kosenko
wxMSW trunk revision 53704 2008-05-22 msvc 7.1, xp sp2 with themes enabled …
14:47 Changeset [53710] by RR
Forgot client data
14:44 Ticket #9473 (Getting selected cells from wxGrid) closed by neis
invalid: Then, I'll claim that the rest of the problem (i.e. seemingly missing …
14:31 Changeset [53709] by RR
Make events match better with MSW
14:23 Ticket #3367 ([2.6] CW8.3 wxshlib Carbon app.cpp error) closed by wojdyr
outdated: i suppose it's outdated
14:21 Changeset [53708] by SN
Linker fix for non-PM builds.
14:19 Changeset [53707] by SN
Linker fix for non-PM builds.
13:53 Changeset [53706] by RR
Remove m_blockEvents and use Disable/Enable instead, some more rearraging
13:32 wxTracWorkflow edited by robind
13:19 Changeset [53705] by RR
Minor doc corrections
11:42 Ticket #9479 (const wxString & conversion for Get functions) created by gururamnath@…
Hello, Some of the functions in wx directly returns a class variable but …
11:24 Ticket #9478 (Make a better default query and/or standard reports) created by robind
Marcin Wojdyr wrote: > It is also possible to list tickets that have the …
11:19 Changeset [53704] by RR
Also allow UP and DOWN if we reached max number of characters, part of [ …
11:11 Changeset [53703] by RR
[ wxwindows-Patches-1947680 ] wxMac: Fixes number of printouts and more
10:22 Changeset [53702] by SN
Compilation fix for old OS/2 compiler.
09:46 Changeset [53701] by PC
add missing static keyword
08:59 Changeset [53700] by ROL
- Added "use subclassing" preference - Temporary file is copied instead of …
08:49 wxTracWorkflow edited by robind
04:01 Ticket #9477 (configure guesses wrong X libs) created by balducci
Hello, apologies if I'm missing something evident. I'm on linux and have …


23:34 Changeset [53699] by BP
Fixed \newsince typo pointed out by Tim Stahlhut.
23:31 Ticket #9091 (allow timers to be started from a thread) reopened by harry.mckame
Vadim, The attached file timer.zip contains a proof-of-concept …
20:23 Ticket #9476 (Add detail descriptions to wx Trac Workflow page) created by robind
See wxTracWorkflow
20:19 Ticket #9475 (Add content to HowToSubmitPatches) created by robind
20:17 Ticket #9474 (add post-commit hook) created by robind
Add trac's post-commit hook to our svn
20:05 wxTracWorkflow edited by robind
20:00 wxTracWorkflow created by robind
17:56 Ticket #9150 (gtk wxChoice/wxCombobox refactoring) closed by vadz
fixed: Applied DoGetBestSize() patch, thanks.
17:55 Changeset [53698] by VZ
add back wxChoice::DoGetBestSize() removed by the previous refactoring, …
17:49 Changeset [53697] by VZ
added wxDateTime::SetFrom/GetAsMSWSysTime() (#9161)
17:48 Ticket #9161 (MSW SYSTEMTIME in wxDateTime) closed by vadz
fixed: Applied, thanks a lot!
17:36 Changeset [53696] by VZ
don't reserve space for the icons if none are used, even if we're in icon …
17:34 Ticket #9468 (WrapSizer update) closed by vadz
fixed: I still think there is some misunderstanding here as all the changes which …
17:33 Changeset [53695] by VZ
add handling of wxWrapSizer flags (part of ticket 9468)
17:26 Ticket #4823 (Broken wxGLCanvas after glx11 changes) closed by vadz
fixed: Thanks for the provided links, I finally understand how this works in both …
17:25 Changeset [53694] by VZ
fix the confusion in boolean attributes handling in pre-1.3 and 1.3 …
15:38 Ticket #9473 (Getting selected cells from wxGrid) created by mm
When a cell is de-selected after selecting a row that contains this cell, …
15:18 Ticket #9156 (Patch to implement pixel scaling factor in wxHtmlWindow) reopened by vadz
You can install both svn (for {{{svn diff}} way) and diff itself (either …
15:16 Ticket #8390 (jpeg: set maximum width/height when generating wxImage's) reopened by vadz
I have really no idea why was this closed, apparently it was put into the …
15:01 Changeset [53693] by CJP
Make visibility of Statusbar configurable
15:01 Changeset [53692] by CJP
Dont draw gradient on gtk to avoid transparency issues
12:37 Ticket #4459 (ALL locale/*.po files broken in SVN) closed by vaclavslavik
fixed: At this moment, the only broken translation in 2.8 is nl.po: […] …
12:35 Changeset [53691] by VS
added missing Plural-Forms header
10:54 Ticket #4221 (wxDialogBase::ButtonSizerFlags missing flags) closed by wojdyr
10:09 Ticket #4221 (wxDialogBase::ButtonSizerFlags missing flags) reopened by wojdyr
ignore this - testing Trac
09:18 Changeset [53690] by PC
button text uses fg color, not text color
06:57 Ticket #9472 (Iconless wxListbook Uses Excessive Whitespace) created by crjjrc
The wxListbook class works great if the page labels have icons. Without …
06:06 Changeset [53689] by JJ
Update OpenVMS compile support
04:54 Changeset [53688] by RR
Make height of red square depend on value in the model
02:42 Changeset [53687] by RR
Add test for progress renderer
02:41 Changeset [53686] by RR
Query value from the model column given by col->GetModelColumn()
02:38 Changeset [53685] by VS
fixed compilation with DirectFB 0.9
01:47 Changeset [53684] by RR
Added InsertColumn( pos, col ), some reformating
01:12 Changeset [53683] by RR
Update wxString overview
01:10 Changeset [53682] by RR
Correct wxString:Append docs
00:39 Changeset [53681] by RR
Correct formatting
00:34 Changeset [53680] by RR
Mention dropdown menu


16:24 Queries edited by vadz
Added backport query (diff)
15:41 Ticket #4221 (wxDialogBase::ButtonSizerFlags missing flags) closed by wojdyr
outdated: I think it was discussed on wx-dev in the meantime, and this ticket is …
15:28 Ticket #2929 (uri.cpp fails with no match for operator+) closed by wojdyr
14:01 Ticket #9089 (Generic wxDataViewCtrl leaks) closed by troelsk
fixed: Fixed with r53679.
13:48 Ticket #2164 (keyboard event not trapped until button is clicked) closed by wojdyr
invalid: key events are not propagated to parent windows. If the button is focused, …
13:40 Ticket #2107 (MSVS debug crashes if bp on 1st line of priv class func) closed by wojdyr
invalid: i'm closing this ticket - feel free to re-open if you disagree
13:34 Ticket #9089 (Generic wxDataViewCtrl leaks) reopened by robind
12:40 Changeset [53679] by RR
Commit mem leak fix I introduced
12:32 Ticket #4437 (MSW DrawEllipticArc inconsistent with other platforms) reopened by rcancro
I'm not sure that this fix is correct. Consider the following example: I …
11:58 Ticket #9471 (No EVT_LIST_COL_DRAGGING) created by BoozooK
Hello everybody, I don't kown if you already know it but I've found …
11:57 Ticket #335 (size handling in MDI docview) closed by biol75
invalid: If the MDI child is maximised inside its parent frame (in windows) then it …
10:55 Ticket #9470 (wxmsw Tooltips do not work in mfctest sample) created by gtekkaya
When I add tooltips to the child windows in mfctest sample application of …
10:15 Changeset [53678] by RR
replaces unsigned int with wxUIntPtr
10:01 Changeset [53677] by RR
Fix mem corruption due to string no longer being in scope
08:31 Ticket #4826 (Can't change wxTextCtrl color back to black) closed by csomor
fixed: fixed in 2.8 branch and trunk Thanks, Stefan
08:12 Ticket #4733 (calculation of wxSYS_COLOUR_HIGHLIGHTTEXT unsatisfyingly ) closed by pcor
fixed: Fixed, by getting the color GTK+ is using.
08:10 Changeset [53676] by PC
get wxSYS_COLOUR_HIGHLIGHTTEXT from GTK+, ticket 4733
06:25 Changeset [53675] by SC
make independent from carbon
06:24 Changeset [53674] by JS
COnversion of some common font names to current platform
06:24 Changeset [53673] by SC
allows resetting color of text to black, closes #4826
06:23 Changeset [53672] by SC
allows resetting color of text to black, closes #4826
06:23 Changeset [53671] by JS
COnversion of some common font names to current platform
06:04 Changeset [53670] by SC
allows resetting color of text to black, closes #4826
06:03 Changeset [53669] by SC
allows resetting color of text to black, closes #4826
05:44 Changeset [53668] by RR
Don't make lines narrower that default line height in variable height …
05:39 Ticket #9469 (wxRichText: Selection makes paragraph jump) closed by juliansmart
wontfix: Yes, it's related to the fact that drawing a whole string is not the same …
04:17 Ticket #9469 (wxRichText: Selection makes paragraph jump) created by troelsk
A small visual annoyance. In the sample, in the text "What can you do with …
02:28 Changeset [53667] by VS
symbols added in 2.8.8 need to check for wxABI_VERSION >= 20808, not …
02:04 Changeset [53666] by RR
Added control renderers to GTK+
00:48 Changeset [53665] by BP
More interface header reviews by Azriel Fasten, and added skeleton docs …


22:19 Changeset [53664] by PC
remove unused files
22:19 Changeset [53663] by PC
add missing braces
20:36 Changeset [53662] by PC
add missing break statement
20:27 Changeset [53661] by PC
put frame extents XGetWindowProperty code in one place
17:56 Ticket #4301 (wxDateTime::Subtract is off by one hour) closed by wojdyr
invalid: IIUC the reporter said it was not a bug. Please open a separate ticket for …
17:48 Ticket #2924 (wxDatetime %x/%c year calculation fails for some years ) closed by wojdyr
17:24 Ticket #3046 ( Bad positioning of pick-list for a wx.Choice) closed by wojdyr
outdated: wxChoice for gtk was completely rewritten in r53641
17:21 Ticket #3399 (auto resize wx.combobox on linux) closed by wojdyr
outdated: I checked it recently and it was working
17:15 Ticket #4398 ([2.8] wxGTK wxComboBox doesn't support wxCB_SORT) closed by wojdyr
17:13 Ticket #2764 (wxComboBox is not a wxControlWithItems) closed by wojdyr
fixed: fixed in r53641
17:12 Changeset [53660] by CJP
Fix comment parsing bug in ess tag generator
17:11 Changeset [53659] by CJP
Add new style sheet 'Mocha'
17:10 Changeset [53658] by CJP
Improve context menu behavior
15:08 Ticket #1181 (wxBitmap::GetSubImage doesn't support Alpha images) closed by wojdyr
fixed: thanks for the info
14:35 Ticket #989 (TablePrint alway shows that it has 100 pages) closed by wojdyr
outdated: since nobody answered to the question asked 3 years ago, I'm closing this …
14:25 Ticket #972 (default GUI project doesn't work with DEV-C++) closed by wojdyr
outdated: There is a chance that it was fixed in the meantime. If the problem still …
13:15 Ticket #499 (OnIdle speed depends on number of ctrls.) closed by wojdyr
wontfix: it seems that it's not a bug, the frequency of this event is not …
12:46 Changeset [53657] by CE
up to in prep for release
12:35 Ticket #9468 (WrapSizer update) created by arst
This is an update of wxWrapSizer. It's based on my previous patch, but has …
12:32 Changeset [53656] by CE
up to 2.8.8 in prep for release
12:31 Changeset [53655] by CE
up to 2.8.8 in prep for release
12:23 Changeset [53654] by CE
fix wrong file path
12:20 Changeset [53653] by CE
up to 2.8.8 in prep for release
12:13 Changeset [53652] by CE
up to 2.8.8 in prep for release
12:09 Changeset [53651] by CE
up to 2.8.8 in prep for release
12:07 Changeset [53650] by CE
up to 2.8.8 in prep for release
11:32 Ticket #4719 (build/wince in 2.8.7 release of wxWidgets has .svn paths) closed by biol75
fixed: fixed as of 2.8.8-rc1 (19 May 2008) chris
11:31 Ticket #4416 (2.8.6: duplicate directory HelpGen/helpgen) closed by biol75
fixed: This is fixed as of 19 may 2008 in both head and 2.8
09:05 Ticket #9467 (wxListbook Pages Overlap Scrollbar) created by crjjrc
In wxGTK 2.9, wxListbooks are not sizing properly on page changes. …
05:46 Changeset [53649] by RR
Set EventObject in event
05:42 Changeset [53648] by RR
Made the various logical 2 device transforms consistent with what's drawn …
04:59 Ticket #9466 (Crash with Notebook + SetSizer) closed by juliansmart
invalid: I fear it would be difficult to detect this bug from within wxWidgets, …
03:23 Ticket #9466 (Crash with Notebook + SetSizer) created by Kaloo
With wxPython, on Windows XP. My application crashed with a …
01:13 Changeset [53647] by RR
Missing header
01:06 Changeset [53646] by CE
ignore text statius of watcom
00:56 Ticket #4657 ("text" sample: unable to set font in rich text window) closed by juliansmart
worksforme: I've tested this with VC6 and VC8 (Platform SDK 6.0A) and in both cases …
00:38 Ticket #9465 (Error reading GIF with incorrect animation size) created by Marc Oldenhof
I'm trying to create a wx.Bitmap from an old Dilbert image, only to get a …
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