18:49 Changeset [44562] by KH
Build fix from FM (cascade from object.h changes making wxObjectRefData …
18:37 Ticket #3904 (Mac CSV HEAD build fails at cursor.cpp) created by matimax
While building with Mac OS X 10.4.8 against python 2.4.4 I get the …
17:31 Ticket #8423 (Fix for wxVScrolledWindow SetLineCount() Repaint) created by bpetty
wxVScrolledWindow::SetLineCount() incorrectly resets m_lineFirst before …
16:11 Changeset [44561] by RD
Backport fixes from ROL: Fixed SetItemBold and editing 'growable' …
15:54 Ticket #3903 (wxBitmapComboBox doesn't display bitmap when first appearing) created by blizzymadden
When a dialog first appears, the bitmap next to the string in a …
14:25 Ticket #3902 (wxBitmapComboBox::SetItemBitmap always causes an assertion) created by blizzymadden
Create a wxBitmapComboBox and pass in an array of strings to the …
13:25 Changeset [44560] by RR
FM small patch for wxDataViewCtrl compilation and warning fixes (dll …
10:59 Ticket #8422 (wxFlexGridSizer - size of growables rows/cols (bug 1659872)) created by p_michalczyk
Assigning widhts/heights to growable columns/rows in …
06:56 Ticket #8421 (wxDatagramSocket ignores wxSOCKET_REUSEADDR flag) created by troelsk
When wxDatagramSocket calls GSocket::SetNonOriented() both fails to take …
03:52 Ticket #9379 (wxDataViewListModel GetValue/SetValue interface) created by troelsk
1. Using un-const references is bad C++, and you do this in both GetValue …
02:30 Changeset [44559] by JS
Fixed a control-arrow bug
01:19 Changeset [44558] by ROL
01:19 Changeset [44557] by ROL
Fixed SetItemBold and editing 'growable' properties of wxFlexGridSizer.


23:57 Changeset [44556] by RR
[ 1665996 ] Fixes/extensions to wxDataViewCtrl
16:20 Ticket #3901 (wxCommandEvent::GetString() returns empty string for combobox events) created by blizzymadden
If you hook up a wxGenericValidator (with a wxString in it) to a …
09:57 Changeset [44555] by JS
Fixed a confusion between window and client size that could lead to …
02:57 Ticket #8420 (Fixes/extensions to wxDataViewCtrl) created by frm
This (big) patch does: - fix const-correctness for all getters of …
02:03 Ticket #3900 (BadMatch error when reparenting glcanvas in wxGTK 2.8.0) created by gverbruggen
When a wxGLCanvas is reparented in wxGTK 2.8.0, the following X error …


17:53 Changeset [44554] by KO
Fix for crash when an invalid font was being mistakenly identified as …
15:41 Changeset [44553] by RD
Support wxTELETYPE font family
15:41 Changeset [44552] by RD
update version number
15:40 Changeset [44551] by RD
show better technique for updating drawing from outside of EVT_PAINT …
15:37 Changeset [44550] by RD
enable this demo for the Mac
15:08 Ticket #3899 (Erratic/unusable masked edit controls) created by matimax
Start the MaskedEditControls demo from the wxPython Demo: The input …
14:28 Changeset [44549] by RD
Oops, forgot to remove the commented out code
14:24 Changeset [44548] by RD
simple test for wxGCDC::DoDrawEllipticArc
14:24 Changeset [44547] by RD
Use floating point math in wxGCDC::DoDrawEllipticArc. Also removed the …
12:34 Ticket #8419 (Fix infinite recursion typo) created by vldmr
bool operator!=(const wxDataFormat& format) const { return ! ( *this …
11:47 Changeset [44546] by RD
Applied patch [ 1664571 ] ListCtrl::ColumnSorterMixin-new callback …
11:00 Ticket #8418 (wxHTTP::GenerateAuthString base64 conv. error (bug 1661616)) created by p_michalczyk
When trying to compute base64 representation for string, which length …
10:27 Ticket #3898 (wxCmdLineParser is broken under MSW) created by stsp
Hi. The wxCmdLineParser class is quite broken under MSW. When it displays …
09:05 Ticket #3897 (wxMenu with images doesn't update) created by hzd_byte
I created menu with: wxMenuBar *menuBar = new wxMenuBar; m_fileMenu = new …
08:31 Ticket #8417 (AuiMDIParentFrame crashes on Menu->Close All (bug 1661995)) created by p_michalczyk
wxAuiMDIParentFrame::DoHandleMenu() handles wxWINDOWCLOSEALL menu event. …
08:23 Ticket #3896 (wxStaticText cannot be centered vertically in wxToolBar) created by sscheler
When a wxStaticText is added to a wxToolBar via AddControl, it is not …
07:55 Changeset [44545] by VS
fixed BAKEFILE_AUTOCONF_INC_M4_VERSION changed by mistake
07:31 Ticket #9378 (Add Default button flag to wxDialog::CreateButtonSizer()) created by olegts
A good idea is to add wxDEFAULT flag handling for …
07:07 Changeset [44544] by JS
Applied [ 1613294 ] wxGetMouseState/wxIsKeyDown bug (troelsk - allow for …
06:43 Ticket #8416 (wxMessageBox() dialogs are not centered) created by olegts
[wxWidgets-2.8.0, RedHat 9.0, kernel-2.4.20-8smp, gtk2-2.2.1-4, gcc-3.x] …
05:20 Ticket #8415 (Removing cmdline args starts endless loop (bug 1663597)) created by p_michalczyk
During wxApp::Initialize, GTK checks command line arguments and removes …
05:17 Ticket #3895 (Removing cmdline args starts endless loop (bug 1663597)) created by p_michalczyk
During wxApp::Initialize, GTK checks command line arguments and removes …
05:00 Ticket #3894 (ClientData broken for sorted wxListBox using wxGTK 2.8) created by eg0master
If you use a sorted wxListBox and have client data associated with each …
01:20 Ticket #3893 (wxScrolledWindow and masked input misbehaviour) created by matimax
Versions 2.7 and beyond show erratic behaviour of wxScrolledWindow and …


12:05 Changeset [44543] by VS
allow creating wxString from char*, assigning to it from char* and …
11:40 Changeset [44542] by VS
fixed incorrectly reported WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_2_6 value in summary
11:20 Ticket #8414 (ListCtrl::SetColumnWidth with wxLIST_AUTOSIZE_USEHEADER) created by p_michalczyk
Normally ListCtrl::SetColumnWidth just took column's text length. But it …
11:11 Ticket #8413 (Painting text and image in ListCtrl's header) created by p_michalczyk
When ListCtrl's column has assigned text with an image and column is too …
10:51 Ticket #8412 (ListCtrl::ColumnSorterMixin-new callback OnSortOrderChanged) created by p_michalczyk
ColumnSorterMixin binds itself to EVT_LIST_COL_CLICK. Binded method …
06:43 Ticket #3892 (wxDC::DrawText() segmentation fault with underlined font) created by olegts
[wxWidgets-2.8.0, RedHat 9.0, kernel-2.4.20-8smp, gtk2-2.2.1-4, gcc-3.x] …
04:54 Changeset [44541] by JS
Fixed a problem with tabs when text spills over the end of the tab stops
03:12 Changeset [44540] by VS
compilation fix


23:57 Changeset [44539] by JS
Ignore Windows key
18:39 Changeset [44538] by RD
another typo fixed
18:29 Changeset [44537] by RD
simple test for drawing and measuring text with a GC
18:28 Changeset [44536] by RD
18:27 Changeset [44535] by RD
fix 'instance' typos
18:18 Changeset [44534] by RD
Add a bit of testing code
18:12 Changeset [44533] by RD
Add implementations for: wxCairoPathData::AddPath …
17:48 Ticket #3891 (Misspelled isinstance in _core.py) created by feakk
/wx-2.8-gtk2-unicode/wx/_core.py def Replace Line 12050: elif …
13:52 Ticket #3890 (wxMediaCtrl.SetPlaybackSpeed broken for wxMEDIABACKEND_WMP10) created by davidwoods
wxMediaCtrl's SetPlaybackRate() doesn't appear to work with …
13:17 Changeset [44532] by RD
Add wx.DD_DIR_MUST_EXIST style. (Patch #1662736)
13:14 Changeset [44531] by RD
simple wx.LogWindow test
13:13 Changeset [44530] by RD
fix import
12:35 Changeset [44529] by RD
Patch #1662729: TreeListCtrl::SetColumnWidth accepting wxLIST_AUTOSIZE and …
12:31 Changeset [44528] by RD
TreeMixins 0.6 from Frank
12:30 Changeset [44527] by RD
wxMac can handle the foreign DnD too
12:02 Changeset [44526] by VS
11:53 Ticket #3889 (holding CTRL eats WXK_RETURN events) created by rad_rb
if you hold down the "control" key, "KeyDown" and "Char" events are not …
10:35 Ticket #3888 (wxArchiveFSHandler caching makes problems) created by stsp
Hi. Once again I am in a painfull process of migrating between the …
10:32 Changeset [44525] by JS
Layout correction
10:30 Changeset [44524] by JS
Doc corrections
07:45 Ticket #3887 (Removing GTK options result in endless loop) created by eg0master
Problem described on mailing list and forum: …
04:54 Ticket #8411 (GetCPUCount()) created by olegts
In Linux /proc/cpuinfo file size is 0, but wxFFile::ReadAll() determine …


23:47 Ticket #3886 (wxWindow.PopupMenu(x) on Windows NT, not working...) created by holmis_accalon
I'm using popup menu for a wxPanel or a wxWindow (wxPython) …
02:20 Ticket #8410 (FileBrowseButton: replacing deprecated wxDD_NEW_DIR_BUTTON..) created by p_michalczyk
..with wxDD_DIR_MUST_EXIST. Calling DirDialog with/without …
02:19 Ticket #3885 (VS .NET 2k5: datavgen compilation failure) created by g00fy
cl /c /nologo /TP /Fovc_mswd\advlib_datavgen.obj /MDd /DWIN32 /Zi …
02:05 Ticket #8409 (TreeListCtrl::SetColumnWidth accepting wxLIST_AUTOSIZE and..) created by p_michalczyk
..wxLIST_AUTOSIZE_USEHEADER. TreeListCtrl is meant to have ListCtrl's …


08:03 Ticket #8408 (script to generate wxl/* include files) created by u19809
attached a script to generate 'long' include files that share the name of …
04:32 Changeset [44523] by RR
Most of FM's wxDataViewCtrl patch.
03:35 Changeset [44522] by RR
Minor parts from FM's wxDataViewCtrl patch.
01:16 Changeset [44521] by RR
[1660792 ] wxObject::Dec/IncRef and wxObjectDataPtr


18:35 Changeset [44520] by VZ
do adjust scrollbars in our EVT_SIZE handler now that we turn them off …
18:25 Ticket #8407 (Fixes wxTreeCtrl selection color in wxMac) created by belbo
Hello, the background color of a selected line in a wxTreeCtrl in wxMac is …
15:47 Changeset [44519] by RD
use InspectableApp for testing
15:46 Changeset [44518] by RD
15:35 Changeset [44517] by RD
Remove boxus property (getter requires param)
15:34 Changeset [44516] by RD
Add wx.lib.mixins.treemixin from Frank Niessink.
15:32 Changeset [44515] by RD
Fixes as described in #1661049 (Uncollectable ogl objects)
14:55 Ticket #3884 (AuiMDIParentFrame crashes) created by tolispy
1. Run AuiMDIParentFrame.py (attached file) 2. Press a lot of time Ctrl-N …
14:12 Changeset [44514] by JS
IsShown shouldn't cause empty sizers to not have their positions …
13:44 Ticket #8406 (native wxHyperlinkCtrl for wxGTK) created by frm
This patch: -> removes src/generic/hyperlink.cpp and adds a new …
10:37 Ticket #3883 (Printing resolution limited to 72dpi with gnomeprint) created by wxcover
Hi ! I need to print with best quality available some images. On win32, …
09:43 Changeset [44513] by VZ
don't delete inexistent column indices in DeleteCols() [backport from …
09:41 Changeset [44512] by VZ
don't delete inexistent column indices in DeleteCols()
07:46 Ticket #3882 (Base64 encoding in wxHTTP (2.8.0)) created by seilaseilaseila
When the wxHTTP is used with setUser / setPassword the header …
06:47 Changeset [44511] by VZ
suppress warning about casting -1 to guint
00:16 Changeset [44510] by JS
Added support for hover bitmap
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