22:44 Changeset [36582] by vell
cleanup - reformatting, minor code rewrites
18:49 Ticket #7656 (intl.cpp wxstd.mo search path problem) created by hiroshi_saito
Hi. I have the problem by reference of wxstd.mo since Version 2.6.2. …
15:07 Changeset [36581] by RD
Spawn the MDI demos as new processes
14:16 Changeset [36580] by VZ
compilation fix after latest dc.h changes for !WX_PRECOMP case
13:41 Changeset [36579] by RD
Setting the color of the caption text was missing.
13:08 Changeset [36578] by RD
Delay the setting of the filling sash to ensure that everything else is …
12:43 Changeset [36577] by RD
LOTS of PyCrust enhancements and fixes. See CHANGES.txt for details.
11:50 Changeset [36576] by vell
cleanup - reformatting
11:03 Ticket #2983 (wx.gizmos.TreeListCtrl.FindItem() cvs description outdated) created by p_michalczyk
According to http://cvs.sf.net/viewcvs.py/*checkout*/wxcode/wxCode/
10:07 Changeset [36575] by ABX
Backported missing definitions.
08:32 Ticket #2982 (wx.gizmos.TreeListCtrl.InsertColumn) created by p_michalczyk
I create TreeListCtrl control like this: newTree = …
07:00 Changeset [36574] by VZ
mention wxDC change
03:20 Changeset [36573] by SN
Applied Patch #1390457 (Incorrect wxRadioBox widths & heights).
02:19 Ticket #2981 (wxImage png GetData returns cropped image) created by ghazel
wxMSW CVS-HEAD circa 12/11/05 (I'll submit to SF, but it's down). the …


16:00 Changeset [36572] by VS
added support for <sub> and <sup> to wxHTML (based on patch #1263152)
15:29 Changeset [36571] by VS
allow opening .html files, too
11:52 Changeset [36570] by RD
description formatting
10:45 Changeset [36569] by vell
protect separators against inappropriate state changes
09:58 Changeset [36568] by vell
cleanup - reformatting
02:27 Ticket #7655 ([wxOS2]Incorrect wxRadioBox widths & heights) created by dwparsons
Following common restructuring of wxRadioBoxBase etc, it is necessary to …


11:33 Ticket #2980 (Space around <img> tag are badly handled in wxHtmlWindow) created by trapamoosch
Assuming <img> is a valid html tag, if you write : "something <img> …
06:37 Changeset [36567] by SN
Fixed GetIcon to keep up with return type change on all other platforms.
06:03 Ticket #7654 (wxODBC: fix for wxDbTable::bindCols()) created by mpagel
(1) Effect of bug: wxDbTable::IsColNull() returns false, regardless of …
06:02 Ticket #2979 (Wrong Documentation for TransferFromWindow) created by priyank_bolia
File: include\wx\valtext.h Line: 60 Called to transfer data to the …
05:41 Ticket #2978 (undefined symbol: pango_x_get_context) created by edro1
wxpython will not run: linux% pyalamode Traceback (most recent call last): …
05:06 Changeset [36566] by VZ
implemented wxDC::DoGetSize() correctly for metafile DC classes
04:52 Changeset [36565] by VZ
Start/EndDrawingOnTop are still used under Motif, don't deprecate them


18:34 Changeset [36564] by VZ
disallow creation of wxDC objects and made wxDC an ABC; use wxDCTemp …
12:32 Ticket #7653 ([wxOS2]wxStaticBitmap::GetIcon update needed) created by dwparsons
Due to changes in wxStaticBitmapBase it is necessary to update …
11:35 Ticket #7652 (XP theme support for DrawHeaderButton, DrawTreeItemButton) created by arkanes
Straightforward patch implements DrawTreeItemButton and DrawHeaderButton …
09:10 Changeset [36563] by vell
more cleanup


18:55 Changeset [36562] by VZ
also generate wxEVT_SCROLL_CHANGED as under wxMSW
18:52 Changeset [36561] by VZ
determine the slider event type more precisely (i.e. generate LINE/PAGE …
18:21 Changeset [36560] by VZ
fixed labels under GTK+ 1 after recent changes (remove underscores from …
18:20 Changeset [36559] by VZ
GTK+ 1 compilation fixes
18:02 Changeset [36558] by VZ
implemented wxCURSOR_BLANK (bug 1377290)
17:31 Changeset [36557] by VZ
warn that GetMenu() may return NULL
17:29 Changeset [36556] by VZ
moded wxWindow::PopupMenu() from window.cpp to menu.cpp as this allows it …
17:21 Changeset [36555] by VZ
send wxEVT_MENU_CLOSE from menubar deactivate handler, this ensures that …
16:44 Changeset [36554] by VZ
send wxEVT_MENU_CLOSE at least sometimes
16:37 Changeset [36553] by RD
Mention IEHtmlWindow fix too.
16:12 Changeset [36552] by VZ
1. changed wxStringTokenizer to not modify the string we're iterating over …
16:01 Changeset [36551] by VZ
added a couple more wxTOKEN_RET_DELIMS tests
15:54 Changeset [36550] by VZ
even more test cases
15:38 Changeset [36549] by VZ
corrected expected test results to conform to current wxTOKEN_RET_EMPTY …
15:27 Changeset [36548] by VZ
more test cases
10:54 Changeset [36547] by RD
10:49 Changeset [36546] by RD
Not sure why yesterday's version appeared to work so well. (It didn't …
10:18 Ticket #2977 (wxStaticBoxSizer does not size to fix its own label) created by blizzymadden
wxStaticBoxSizers will resize to fix the largest item inside of it, but if …
08:53 Changeset [36545] by RD
08:38 Changeset [36544] by RD
Corrected comment
08:36 Changeset [36543] by RD


23:42 Changeset [36542] by JJ
Committing in . configuration update for OpenVMS Modified Files: …
21:16 Changeset [36541] by vell
more cleanup - added comment regarding possible stipple brush problem
17:20 Changeset [36540] by VZ
corrected handling of timeouts in wxConditionInternal::WaitTimeout(): …
17:00 Changeset [36539] by VZ
don't set minimal column width, it should be possible to set it even to 0 …
16:59 Changeset [36538] by VZ
correct dll export declaration for wxVolume (backport from HEAD)
16:59 Changeset [36537] by VZ
correct dll export declaration for wxVolume
16:58 Changeset [36536] by VZ
added wxRTTI macros to wxControlWithItems: it's not private any longer
15:49 Changeset [36535] by RD
15:43 Changeset [36534] by RD
Fixup error message
15:43 Changeset [36533] by RD
Move wxPySwigInstance_Check() and wxPySwigInstance_Check into the core API …
15:33 Changeset [36532] by RD
Fix for bug #1266745 and #1387725 in the wxFindReplaceDialog on MSW. …
15:11 Changeset [36531] by VS
reverted previous accidental commit
15:04 Changeset [36530] by VS
wxMac linking fix
12:55 Ticket #2976 ("align" property of <img> tag not handled properly ) created by trapamoosch
In wxHtmlWindow, when using <img> like that : <img src='...' …
09:58 Changeset [36529] by KO
Backporting fix for proper TAB, RETURN, etc. handling for IE ActiveX …
09:55 Changeset [36528] by KO
Backporting fix to allow wx parent windows to handle non-wx child events, …
07:39 Ticket #9327 (wxListCtrl: Allow zero(0) column size) created by ultima8
In /src/generic/listctrl.h on line 147 (for wxWidgets static …
03:09 Ticket #2975 (Memory leak in TreeListCtrl.GetSelections()) created by mikalaaksonen
Hi, It seems that wxTreeID:s returned by TreeListCtrl.GetSelections() are …


22:57 Changeset [36527] by KO
Fixes so that wxPython builds on 2.7. Mostly removing references to all …
22:09 Changeset [36526] by KO
Use the now 'official' makemo.py when building packages.
21:55 Changeset [36525] by KO
Updating version.
19:24 Changeset [36524] by KO
Moving the 2.6 branch change in how SWIG is found to CVS HEAD now that …
19:10 Changeset [36523] by VZ
added wxListAttr::AssignFrom()
19:07 Changeset [36522] by VZ
don't overwrite the existing attributes when setting one new one, i.e. …
18:54 Ticket #2974 (wxMSW unicode build FindReplace dlg problem) created by robind
This is a weird one... In a Unicode build on wxMSW (just tested the 2.6 …
18:43 Changeset [36521] by VZ
update from liou xiao <liouxiao@…> (backport from HEAD)
18:41 Changeset [36520] by VZ
update from liou xiao <liouxiao@…>
17:14 Changeset [36519] by vell
fixed error in prior checkin
16:17 Changeset [36518] by VZ
Unicode compilation fix
16:11 Changeset [36517] by VZ
regenerated makefiles after adding tokenizer.cpp
14:30 Ticket #2973 (wxRadioBox positioning problem) created by robind
I have a sample app from a user that is showing a problem with the current …
12:51 Changeset [36516] by RD
After a conversaion with Vadim I reverted the last change and instead just …
12:19 Changeset [36515] by RD
Fix for Bug #1387359, bail out early from DoWriteText if the string is …
11:54 Changeset [36514] by vell
minor cleanup; remove focus patch scaffolding
09:49 Ticket #2972 (TextCtrl and wx.TE_AUTO_URL) created by francescoa
Test in Pycrust: e=wx.TextCtrl(shell, …
08:32 Ticket #2971 (seg fault when deleting a wxStaticBoxSizer inside a wxPanel) created by haution
Destructor call for a modal dialog yields somme "free(): invalid pointer …
08:12 Changeset [36513] by VZ
g++ 4/wxMAC_USE_CORE_GRAPHICS warning fixes
08:11 Changeset [36512] by VZ
just added a comment
08:03 Changeset [36511] by RD
Applied patch #1238825 adding search backward capabilities to the demo. …
07:13 Ticket #2970 (Wrong return value wxSemaphoreInternal::WaitTimeout) created by zefir
In msw/thread.cpp wxSamaphoreInternal::WaitTimeout() returns …
03:08 Ticket #2969 (INS accelerator specifier mapping to C) created by fraca7
Hello. It seems that under MacOS X 10.4 on a Powerbook G4, a menu item …


18:52 Ticket #2968 (regfree "leaks" into exported API, conflicts with libc) created by tetron
Debian package of WxWidgets v2.6.1.2 on AMD64 Linux WxWidgets has its …
17:23 Changeset [36510] by VZ
compilation test for Unicode build
15:51 Changeset [36509] by RD
Applied patch from Morgan Hua to fix bug #1219423: CommandManager should …
12:22 Ticket #2967 (wxTOKEN_RET_DELIMS does not return all empty tokens) created by whschultz
when wxStringTokenizer is using wxTOKEN_RET_DELIMS, empty tokens at the …
08:52 Changeset [36508] by DS
fixed compile errors (code was using unnamed objects, resulting in …
08:48 Changeset [36507] by VZ
added tests showing that current wxStringTokenizer code doesn't handle …
08:34 Changeset [36506] by VZ
extracted wxStringTokenizer tests in their own file and rewrote them to be …
08:30 Changeset [36505] by VZ
extracted wxStringTokenizer tests in their own file and rewrote them to be …
08:09 Ticket #2966 (WXDEBUG_NEW) created by priyank_bolia
I would like to have line 571 in object.h from: #define WXDEBUG_NEW …
08:06 Ticket #2965 (wxCloseEvent::GetForce) created by priyank_bolia
The documentation says there is wxCloseEvent::GetForce, but I can't find …
06:44 Changeset [36504] by VZ
update from Wei-Lun Chao (backport from HEAD)
06:40 Changeset [36503] by VZ
update from Wei-Lun Chao
06:25 Changeset [36502] by DS
fixed unreachable code warnings (occurred in MSVC6+Release mode)
06:21 Ticket #7651 ([msw] Statusbar now needs DoGetBestSize()) created by jrgadd
Since statusbars can now be used anywhere on Windows DoGetBestSize() is …
05:47 Ticket #2964 (ListBox.Insert doesn't set client data properly) created by p_michalczyk
Here it is: In wx Python I have listbox which has wx.LB_SORT style. I add …
05:41 Ticket #7650 (misquoted #include (CVS 2.6)) created by cruanyes
file src/common/list.cpp line 755 file src/common/wincmn.cpp line 2353 …
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