07/23/14: Today

01:16 Changeset [76946] by JS
Capitalize style names if specified in the style

07/22/14: Yesterday

17:56 Ticket #3953 (Disabled menu icons looks corrupt in the 2.8.2) closed by vadz
outdated: I think this was fixed by @awi's patches.
15:29 Ticket #3934 (wxScrolledWindow not positioning child windows correctly) closed by vadz
15:10 Ticket #3933 (Unicode text input broken in wxMac (patches available)) closed by vadz
14:48 Ticket #3903 (wxBitmapComboBox doesn't display bitmap when first appearing) closed by vadz
14:47 Ticket #12120 (wxGrid: Dragging column headers do not work correctly) closed by vadz
14:22 Ticket #3899 (Erratic/unusable masked edit controls) closed by vadz
14:14 Ticket #3730 (Segmentation fault when DISPLAY in not set correctly) closed by vadz
14:14 Ticket #3854 (wxListCtrl inside wxGridBagSizer resizing problem) closed by vadz
00:20 Ticket #16389 (wxSplitterWindow display error when resiging the frame vertically) created by SasQ_pl
== Description == Splitter's sash displays itself damaged when the …


15:33 Ticket #16388 (Phoenix's wxglcanvas fails to draw on Linux) created by gregcouch
Following patch in the generated sip_glcanvaswxGLCanvas.cpp is needed to …
06:45 Changeset [76945] by TIK
Fix compilation if configured with --disable-coldlg
06:44 Changeset [76944] by TIK
Fix compilation if configured with --disable-coldlg
06:40 Ticket #3880 (Crash in window dtor) closed by vadz
outdated: I'm still not sure that suppressing the events happening when the window …
06:30 Ticket #3912 (non-native wxToolBar doesn't initially show wxButtons) closed by vadz


16:22 Ticket #3837 (Crash in imaggif.cpp) closed by vadz
08:28 Ticket #2570 (bus error with GetBestVirtualSize()) closed by SC
fixed: In 76943: […]
08:28 Changeset [76943] by SC
supporting menu dimension retrieval for menubars, fixes #2570


16:29 Ticket #16387 (HyperTreeList added new column size option -- ...) created by nmz787
I wanted my column to be sized to the larger of either the largest item, …
14:51 Ticket #16386 (HyperTreeList DeleteAllItems does not cancel editing) created by nmz787
If you are editing an entry in HyperTreeList, then call DeleteAllItems() …
04:30 Ticket #2280 (Assert when modifying wxTextCtrl with wxTE_RICH2 style from EVT_TEXT ...) closed by vadz
invalid: The problem is that using AppendText() from a wxEVT_TEXT handler is …
04:04 Ticket #2004 (bad mouse position on mousewheel event) closed by vadz
invalid: Ticket is invalid and so is the test because it compares screen …
03:39 Ticket #1666 (Funny/inconsistent mousewheel behavior?) closed by vadz


06:04 Ticket #3810 (Crash in wxListCtrl::OnGetItemAttr) closed by vadz


15:55 Changeset [76942] by VZ
Don't consider hidden root item to be visible in wxGenericTreeCtrl. This …
15:55 Changeset [76941] by VZ
Fix test for WXOSX in common code. Check whether it's defined, not …
15:54 Ticket #4482 (Bug in TreeCtrl.GetFirstVisibleItem) closed by VZ
fixed: In 76940: […]
15:54 Changeset [76940] by VZ
Don't consider hidden root item to be visible in wxGenericTreeCtrl. This …
15:45 Ticket #4558 (Flicker problem when using wxGLCanvas together with wxAUI) closed by vadz
15:44 Ticket #4567 (Show and DoShow are mixed around in wxAuiMDIChildFrame) closed by vadz
15:44 Ticket #4593 ([GTK] text lost on conversion) closed by vadz
15:44 Ticket #4619 (wxDir::Traverse symlink problem) closed by vadz
fixed: I guess using wxDIR_NO_FOLLOW is indeed the solution. I wonder if we …
13:10 Changeset [76939] by AW
Use the same macro to implement all wxPG property classes. Currently, …
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