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Click in selection for infinite loop

Reported by: tarkawebfoot Owned by: csomor
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Using SPE on Mac OS/X, select a block of text, click in the block.
wxMac goes into an infinite loop. Program must be shut down with
Force Quit.

More info from Stani:

On 11/23/05, SPE Stani's Python Editor <…>
This is a wxMac bug, as it is reproducable on the wxPython Demo
StyledTextControl. The bug is even worse:
1) Select a block of text
2) Single click inside the selection block
You don't need even step 3! Please post this at the wxMac/wxPython
Mailing list.

On 11/23/05, Brian Myers < tarkawebfoot@…> wrote:
Hey, I'm trying to post a bug and the bug tracker won't let me log
on. I shouldn't need to create a new, separate account for this; I
should be able to use this account, shouldn't I?

The bug, BTW, is

1) Select a block of text
2) Single click inside the selection block
3) Single click outside the selection block

SPE goes into an infinite loop and must be killed with Force Quit.

This actually looks more like a wxWindows bug. Let me know if I
should or should not post this.


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BTW: I'm using wxPython 2.6.1_0.

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I'd be grateful for any stack traces, or other ideas from
people with wxPython knowledge, because the stc C++ sample
runs without a problem on mac in this situation, and
happily displays the drag outline which can then be
dropped on another application. So it probably is
something in handling the drag event.



comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by tarkawebfoot

Hi again,

Sorry, the code goes into an infinite loop, so there is no stack trace. I'm not a
wxPython guru, I just discovered the bug. You might ask Stani or post on the
SPE dev list for some help.

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This ticket is no longer stands.
Running "StyledTextCtrl_1" demo on WinXP SP2, python 2.6, wxPython 2.9.4, selecting the text and then clicking inside the text does not produce the infinite loop.

Can be closed.

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