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wxTrac toggles Cc with each new post in the ticket

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As can be seen in the conversations of many tickets (Cc removed / Cc added), wxTrac seems to toggle the CC checkbox with each new post of the same person in the same ticket.

I have observed this for years, sometimes it can get a bit annoying.

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comment:1 Changed 12 months ago by vadz

Ah, so this what explains why Cc gets toggled all the time, I had no idea and thought that people just changed their mind about (not) being on the Cc list of the ticket all the time.

Unfortunately I have no idea what could explain this. I don't see any options that might affect this in Trac admin interface and I couldn't find any mentions about such bug neither (although maybe I didn't try hard enough), so it could be to some plugin we use, perhaps?

Also, it clearly doesn't happen to everyone, e.g. it has never happened to me. So maybe it's related to user permissions somehow?

comment:2 Changed 12 months ago by pb101

I meant, wxTrac toggles the "Add to Cc:" checkbox in the Add Comment form, so if one notices/remembers that, they can set it to whatever they wish before hitting Submit Changes.
Sorry if that was not clear from the ticket description.

I only now noticed that the unchecked checkbox always gets checked after hitting Preview.

I believe the admins have different CC UI, where they can not only toggle the checkbox but perhaps also change the e-mail address(es) there?

comment:3 Changed 12 months ago by pb101

  • Cc pbfordev@… added

Posting in another ticket, I came a bit closer to the root of the issue.

The Cc checkbox gets always pre-checked when starting a new post (and checked when hitting Preview which may be an issue of its own). However, when you are already Cced on the ticket, the checkbox means "Remove from Cc" but when you are not it means "Add to Cc". That's why by default the Cc state toggles between the posts even when the checkbox is always on.

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comment:4 Changed 12 months ago by vadz

I see, thanks. Admins indeed have a different UI with a text entry and not a checkbox for CC.

The fact that this checkbox is checked the first time is nice, but the fact that it remains checked even when its meaning changes is definitely a bug. I wonder if it could be fixed in later Trac versions. It should be possible to find it in their sources and see if it has changed since the version we use...

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